Do you think churches should be taxed? Why or why not?

Do you think churches should be taxed? Why or why not?

What do you think?


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  1. Considering how often they’re getting directly involved with politics, yes.

    It’s hard to do a case-by-case basis with churches, so maybe painting in broad strokes will get the corrupt ones to stop.

  2. It depends. If a church is legitimately non-profit, then no, there’s no taxable income. But if we’re talking about those tele-evelganlist style deals that are clearly making money, then absolutely tax that nonsense.

  3. Many churches use their funds and facilities for charity work. Non-profits, both religious and secular, are exempt from taxation. Basically, charities provide some service to society or raise awareness/provide education, with the majority of their income going towards these programs. Churches, mosques, temples, and synogogues are all exempt from taxation because they provide a service (at the bare minimum they provide religious teaching to their adherents) and they use the majority of their income, which they recieve through donations, to provide these services. I think that if churches have another source of income, such as a coffee shop or book store, then that ought to be taxed. I think that if the majority of income goes to make one or a few people richer rather than being put back into the church, then that church ought to be taxed. But if it is just an average church that uses it’s donations to provide better services to their churchgoers, then that shouldn’t be taxed. They are providing a type of educational service. Religion is an important aspect of culture. Also, many churches provide childcare, crisis pregnancy centers, homeless shelters, and food pantries on the side. Yes, there are people like Joel Olsteen. But there are also a lot of good services that little churches provide to their community that no one ever really hears about. So unless the government changes the definition of what classifies as a non-profit, then I think churches should remain tax free. And this applies to mosques, temples, and synogogues as well.

  4. Yes, worshipping an imaginary sky man shouldn’t make you tax exempt, most people dont even realize that even small churches rake in a shitload of money just from offerings alone

    Especially these mega churches who rake in millions of dollars in revenue *cough cough* Joel Osteen *cough*

    Also just a friendly reminder that the Church of Scientology is literally religious tax exempt

  5. I think it depends on how much the churches make. Like I’ve seen small churches stay small and other that got so much donations that they’re able to remodel into this grand cathedral. The church is a place of worship, all of the money wasted on that remodel could’ve been used to do so much of the goods that they love to preach about.

  6. I am OK with churches not being taxed as long as they abide by the Johnson Amendment and refrain from politicking. If they refuse to do that, they should lose their tax exempt status.

  7. Yes. If pastors are standing up in pulpits or getting in front of TV cameras and telling their congregations what political opinions to have and who they should be voting for (which happens *all the damn time*), then they need to lose their nonprofit status and be taxed.

  8. Churches (and any other religious establishment) should be banned and state atheism should become the official religion.

    Religious people fucking scare me and it’s about time we put them in their place.

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