Do you think there should be child-free planes and restaurants available? Why or why not?

Do you think there should be child-free planes and restaurants available? Why or why not?

What do you think?

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  1. Most modern single seat jet fighters and stealth bombers should be child free. I just wouldn’t trust a child with state of the art weapons systems nor would I think they would have the requisite knowledge to fly them.

  2. No. For the same reason I don’t think there should be whites-only planes or restaurants. I don’t support discrimination like this unless it’s for someone’s safety, such as to protect them from predators.

  3. But there are these things, private planes, even first class is normally absent of noisy children. There are also a few child-free places to eat too. When I make reservations, I always ask if they allow children or not.

  4. Restaurants, sure. I don’t think there should be child-free fast food but if it’s more expensive then yeah that’s fine. Planes, no. That’s just not economically sustainable to have two planes to one place, just so some people can have a slightly more enjoyable flight. The flight is meant to get you to where you wanna go, not to provide you a super peaceful place to rest

  5. Why shouldn’t there be? Now if you’re saying public places should be this way or taxpayers should subsidize such facilities then no. But if you can run a child free airline profitably go nuts.

  6. I think those ‘eat in pitch darkness’ restaurants would be just awful with toddlers.. I mean, they’re gonna have *fun*, but I think injuries would be guaranteed.

  7. At least hours and flight times.

    Dave and busters whole thing was an arcade for adults. I remember watching commercials as a kid and literally thinking that wouldn’t be allowed to go because I was a kid.

    I haven’t gone to the one that opened up by me simply because it’s overrun by children (and expensive). I’m going for a fun night out at like 9pm, why are there children here?

    ETA: I think of it similar to public pools having adult swim.

  8. Whether I would like it or not, it’s unfortunately not practical to suddenly double the number of planes and restaurants, so that you can have “kid” and “adult” versions of each.

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