Drinkers of Reddit, what is your favourite alcoholic beverage?

Drinkers of Reddit, what is your favourite alcoholic beverage?

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  1. FAVORITE would probably be a liquid marijuana or Pina colada. However, I drink those just for the taste and not to actually get lit.

    If I’m trying to get drunk, I reach for cheap vodka. Just something about my body that reacts to that better (in terms of getting drunk). Doesn’t really give me hangovers either.

  2. As “everyday” (no, I do NOT drink it everyday) beer, my absolute favorite is Andechser Spezial Hell. Generally I prefer the more palatable, smooth beers from southern Germany above the drier northern German ones. As a foreign brand I like Budweiser (Budvar, not the american Anheuser Busch)

    As a rare drink whisky, preferably Speyside. Favorite is the Glenfarclas Premium Edition.

  3. I’m a beer and a shot guy but nothing beats a tart frozen strawberry margarita on a hot summer day. The mix of sweet, tart salt, and the bite of a good tequila. Mmmm,, 👌🏻

  4. I love my sissy, girly, fruity mixed drinks. I’m married and employed I have nobody left I need to impress so I drink what I want.

    Some favorites:

    Asian Mist:
    Midori melon liqueur
    Malibu coconut rum
    Pineapple juice

    Fist I take a mid-shelf quality clear tequila and soak a bunch of diced watermelon and serrano peppers in it for a few days. Then I decant the tequila off and mix it with fresh lime juice, seltzer water, and agave nectar.

    I think technically a screwdriver?:
    Pink Whitney pink lemonade vodka
    Watermelon juice

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