Emergency responders of reddit, what are some dumb things that have lead to an emergency situation?

Emergency responders of reddit, what are some dumb things that have lead to an emergency situation?

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  1. Elaborate for me, because just about 70% of all emergency calls are from something stupid. The other 30% are people with genuine health issues.

    Btw these are just estimation statistics of my department after working there 5 years. By no means are they accurate statistics everywhere.

  2. An interesting bloke lit a fire in a 40 gallon steel drum so his goats could keep warm in winter. The drum was inside of a barn full of hay, no flue. One of the goats knocked it down presumably and set the whole place alight 🔥

    -12 appliances were required to bring it under control

  3. Well, I was taking a lady home from dialysis and she decided to eat a snickers in the back of the ambulance, and she started choking. Had to do the heimlich, and tell her to finish her food at home.

  4. Not a responder but I went to the ER for a bloody nose. I was bleeding for about 4 hours and then two hours at the hospital. They called a code blue and a bunch of people came running in. My wife said the whole room was filled with doctors and nurses. I almost died because of a bloody nose. They cauterized my nose on both sides and I went home fine. I threw up a ton of blood before passing out. My wife said I turned green and the machines started going off

  5. my neighbor opening his gas line in his basement and then lighting a match to see inside he blew up his house and took several hours to put out and caused damage to my house but from that insurance paid for a week trip at disney land

  6. Leaving a door unlocked that opens onto an unfinished deck with a 10 foot drop to a concrete slab while having a party. A guest decides to take a piss off the deck and winds up with a broken back.

  7. Got called to a priority job. The caller was kayaking in a lake and said that there was an unresponsive male in the water. So off we went, lights and sirens. Requested paramedics and fire to attend as well for the rescue operation. There were about 6 emergency vehicles attending including a rescue boat. We got there within minutes and met the caller who showed us where the guy was. He was just swimming, minding his own business. The caller said he was unresponsive, but really he was just ignoring her. Had a chat with the guy, he seemed alright, said he swims here every day and likes the quiet. No issues. Would have been nice if the caller told the operator that he was still conscious and swimming rather than “unresponsive”.

  8. Not an emergency responder, but i almost destroyed my left eye with a wood chisel. It was stuck in a piece of wood and i both hand, full force, pulled it out and smashe my glases. I told the paramedic i had a “DIY incident” and it seems it amused him.

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