Ex-Christians, what made you leave church?

Ex-Christians, what made you leave church?

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  1. When my younger sister with Down’s syndrome was told she wasn’t eligible for communion despite taking all of the classes because she “didn’t understand.”

  2. I realized there’s no bigger hate than Christian love. All my friends weren’t Christian so we’d always talk about our beliefs and found my wasn’t grounded in Christianity but rather told to believe it. If it’s your things congrats, found not to be my thing

  3. The fact that the pastors use your talks with them to dictate their sermons. Meaning they’re preaching the Bible to change you how they want you to be line for line. And if you argue or discuss the intent of the verses you’re doomed to hell

  4. The total hypocrisy of those I grew up around.

    Claim to be about love, spend most of their time hating people not like them.

    Claim to be about evangelism, literally only hang out with and talk to each other.

    Claim to be about giving, spend all of their energy focused on making more money for themselves.

    Not to mention they have conditioned themselves to avoid critical thinking at all costs. Must accept blind “truths” at face value, OR ELSE.

  5. So my answer is kinda complicated bc I still follow what the Bible ACTUALLY says, but I left the traditional system bc they’re sexiest and toxic AF and I believe that some things like herbalism or crystals or energy isn’t witchcraft. Not to mention that 99%of Christians have no fucking clue what any of the teachings actually meant bc they’re so taken out of context.
    Plus they’re really hateful. They try to say shit specifically against LGBTQ+ members and I’m like bruh the “man after god’s own heart” had multiple wives AND side pieces? A dude slept with his DIL and got her pregnant? A whole group of people wanted to gangbang ANGELS. I don’t think God really cares about “sexual sin“ more than any other kind?
    They’re super big on “Purity culture” which puts ALL the blame on innocent prepubescent girls who have close to no clue what sex IS and told that they’re less valuable for losing their virginity, or that God will love them less and so will their “true future husbands”.
    They allow and JUSTIFY abuse of all kinds.
    They twist the words to suit their needs.
    They don’t show love, and they portray God as this vengeful, hateful, horrible deity who’s going to send you to hell if you don’t WEAR THE RIGHT CLOTHES.
    They believe women have no place in a church other than to be taught or to do cooking for a function or to take care of children so that the men once again don’t have to take responsibility for anything other than acting on their bigotry which they think is a good thing.
    And my mother is a classic Christian Karen so no thank you.

    Fuck them. Jesus ate with the lowest of society and loved them more than the religious bigots. That says a lot. So no I don’t identify as Christian anymore and I left the church I grew up in for those reasons, but I still follow the actual teachings because they are actually just rules of morality and respect of others.

  6. Christianity and it’s followers are extreme hypocrites, and for the most part are comprised of some of the worst people ever, I’ve met many Christians and I could count with 1 hand how many of them are actually good people and not just claiming they are due to the fact that they’re Christians, I’ve met more atheist and people from other religions, even Satanists who are less hypocritical and are actually good people than Christians, also a lot of Christian history is really messed up, and for the most part Christianity is just really flawed

  7. Realizing it was a poorly written fairytale.

    He sent his son (who is also himself) to earth so humans could murder him. And once his son/self was murdered, he could finally save all people (from his own punishment) by forgiving them all. All of human civilization was being punished because 2 of them once believed a talking snake with legs.


  8. Was (sort of) a Mormon because of my grandma.

    Fuuuuuck, you think regular Christianity is odd? Most Mormons are genuinely really kind people, but that religion is the equivalent of someone being a pagan nowadays.

  9. Well my mom said “I don’t believe in god” when I asked her, and that was the first time I realized religion isn’t the norm and was like “damn, that’s true”. I was born in a country where we are forced to have a religion so knowing someone doesn’t believe opened my mind thankfully.

  10. My mom turning into a religious nutjob and saying god always comes before family. Oh and looking forward to die so she can go to Heaven. That’s no way to live.

  11. I got my masters degree in religion (was a youth minister at the time). Learned that we basically don’t know that anything in the bible Jesus said is actually something he said. This started the fast unraveling as I moved more and more into how unreliable the history and reliability of the Bible actually is…

    That and there’s no way I can believe Noah got all the animals on that boat and redistributed through the world ha

  12. Too many contradictions in the bible. Too many hypocrites in the church. Too many inconsistencies in the logic of an all knowing, all seeing, all powerful god that has such a shitty world with suffering and terrible behavior.

    This quote started my journey:

    “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able? Then he is not omnipotent.

    Is he able, but not willing? Then he is malevolent.

    Is he both able and willing? Then whence cometh evil?

    Is he neither able nor willing? Then why call him God?”

    – Epicurus

    If any god worthy of the title existed, they’d send a message to everyone, mentally stating the right religion and what it will take to get to heaven. Free will could still be used to decide whether people wanted to follow and then he would institute instant karma for any religious leaders abusing their position.

    But none of that happens. Babies are still raped and murdered. Religions all over the world take advantage of the naive, dumb, and gullible, enriching themselves at the cost of their followers. And this being who is supposedly a loving and forgiving god can’t do shit about it and considers the gauntlet we run in life to be a test to determine where we go when we die.

    If someone believes in worshiping THAT guy, they’re just as evil as he is.

  13. Never went yes believed in Yahweh but didn’t go to church but I thought about it and then just started picking it apart like with everything and like janga it all came tumbling down

  14. Was staying with my uncle and aunt for a time and they were religious so i had no choice. When i was not staying with them any longer, i refused to follow my families beliefs any more. As i got older through my teens i looked for answers through logic, science and sound reason. Religion and it’s grip had no hold or bearing whatever.

  15. Lack of answers, judgement, and hypocrisy mostly. I also read the Bible over and over and I just wasn’t getting what other people were aparently getting out of it. Also everytime I prayed, nothing happened. Every now and then someone would be like “the Lord spoke to me”. I always waited for something like that. It just never did. That lack of answers thing really bugged me the most though. I really wanted what I read in the Bible to be true but I just couldn’t find anything to support most of it’s claims. I was really sad for awhile. And scared that the devil tricked me. After awhile tho, I didn’t believe in him either.

  16. I asked my preacher why god had to come down in human form to sacrifice himself to himself to create a loophole in a set of rules he created… he wouldnt answer. Then i read exodus 21 and psalms 137-9… end of story

  17. I was brainwashed into it as a child like 99.9% of religious people. I saw the control and hypocrisy early on but the “no true Scotsman” fallacy kept me believing. I’d just say “oh well those bad christians aren’t REAL christians”.

    Getting into adulthood, I started seeing that the cruelty, abuse, judgement, and hatred was not a bug, but a feature. The god of the Bible is a vengeful god, filled with hate and a desire to make everything suffer. The “bad” christians are just the ones that are doing a good job following the Bible.

  18. Most people claiming to be Christian act nothing like what christ was like. He wanted to help the downtrodden, show love and compassion to others yet the downtrodden are exactly the people Christians wouldn’t be caught with unless it were a group thing and that’s just because they want to put up a front.

  19. It’s for gullible people that need to think there’s an afterlife so they don’t go apeshit with a “what does it even matter” mindset.

    Even though people are still committing murders for this god entity.

    In any case, it’ll never go away though. It’s too easy to use and make money off of.

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