Ex drinkers of Reddit, what was your “Damn I need to stop” moment?

Ex drinkers of Reddit, what was your “Damn I need to stop” moment?

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  1. I’m sure I’ll find out soon…having a constantly racing heart every day and not sleeping more than 5 hours a night is definitely getting old.

    I need a bloody beer

  2. Leaving my apartment with $100 something dollars and an 1/8th of flower in my pocket. Remembering being at the bar then…waking up on my couch the next morning. Still with the same clothes on. $5 in my pocket and a jack in the box receipt and no flower. Functional blackouts are totally not chill.

  3. After year’s of drinking heavily, mixing with other narcotics, I have a vivid suicide dream. I mean vivid. I could describe it to you with such detail to this day. That was almost 11 years ago.

    I gave up alcohol, opioids and several other bad things. I kept smoking for 4 more years, and now I just drink coffee. Everything else is gone.

  4. I woke up one night shaking uncontrollably after a binge that was probably a month long. I gave up then and there only to resume heavy drinking a couple of years later. Marriage and fatherhood is what made me stop. Never want to be high while in charge of my kid.

  5. I haven’t stopped, but I realized I may have a problem one Friday when my parents were to take my kid (who I have every other weekend) camping. I was stoked that I could spend the weekend full on drinking and when I drove past my sick grandma’s house I saw an ambulance and my first thought was “I hope she ain’t dead cause then my parents will not go camping with my son and I won’t be able to drink”.

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