Family and friends of sex offenders, what are they like, how do you cope, and what’s it like supporting them through life?

Family and friends of sex offenders, what are they like, how do you cope, and what’s it like supporting them through life?

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  1. I know a guy who’s a sex offender because he was railroaded into registering as one after he was caught having sex with his (legal age/consensual) girlfriend in a car in a parking lot. Ruined the guy’s life.

    Get a lawyer.

  2. I don’t support him. Why would I do that? And I don’t really know what he’s like. I haven’t seen him since I was a kid. There’s no real coping involved. I don’t have a relationship with him

  3. He was tipsy and tried to bang a girl we knew who was quite drunk after drinking underage. He also got handsy and groped a male friend of ours. This was not the first moment of creepiness, but it was a line in that sand that never should be crossed.

    Most of us entirely shit that shit down. We aren’t friends anymore. I wish him the best. It will take a lot of growth and change to even entertain the notion of having him in my life again.

  4. As a kid, my close friend’s dad was a child sex offender. I felt so bad for my friend. They moved a lot and the neighbors inevitably always found out. They’d hand out flyers around the town and ostracize the family.

    The dad was guilty and deserved it, but my friend suffered because of it. He was always nice to me but I never got too close – for very obvious reasons. He couldn’t hold a job tho bc of his conviction – who’d hire a child sex offender? So the family was very poor.

    Made school difficult for her. He eventually ended up back in prison for failing to report where he lives and being too close to schools. I think it messed her up for life.

  5. I know someone whose brother is a sex offender. She has very complicated feelings about him. He was a good brother to her and she still loves him even though she can never forget what he did to someone . So she avoids him. It’s hard to reconcile that someone can simultaneously be the brother you idolized and the monster of someone else’s nightmares.

  6. They are disgusting arrogant pieces of human filth and I don’t support them at all. I’d happily end their life and I’m related to the person!
    I would laugh at their death and piss on the coffin if I were at the funeral.

  7. I have a half sibling who thinks they’re a furry. I’m trying to support them away from that lifestyle before they become a sex offender, but it’s like the more you try to tell them they have a problem the worse it gets. I don’t know what to do.

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