Fellas, when you pee, do you take just your penis out or do you take your balls out along with it?

Fellas, when you pee, do you take just your penis out or do you take your balls out along with it?

What do you think?

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  1. Depends on the situation. Public is as little as possible, at home, in probably damn near naked anyway….. Around the yard when working on things…. Let it breathe!

  2. Just the penis.
    Taking the balls out takes too much work and if that was normal. The zippers would generically need to be longer. Otherwise it’s near impossible to have the balls through the zipper out while wearing jeans.
    And NO I don’t have big balls. Thank You

  3. Depends on what I am wearing. If it’s stretchy, and I can get my penis out without the waistband pushing against the bottom of my cock/balls, I’d do only my penis. But if I am wearing something tight, I pull out the balls, too.

  4. Life hack, take it all out and then your waistband doesn’t cut off the flow so you can no/one hand it rather than pulling your waistband down with your second hand

  5. It’s honestly situational, depends on the environment, where I’m at, who’s toilet in who’s house, did I eat too much watermelon? Is it after dinner? Lunch? For me personally those effect the dislodging of the sack for comfort and the time spent peeing 🧐

  6. I’m usually naked at home so I just stand to aim. Honestly, I’ve got a pretty high-capacity bladder, so with how often I make it home with my habits developed since Covid that’s generally how I pee. And even when I go go out, I’m more and more frequently kilted. (Esp as the weather turns chillier.)

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