Fellow Millennials, what the hell is up with news outlets trying to manufacture a feud with Gen Z?

Fellow Millennials, what the hell is up with news outlets trying to manufacture a feud with Gen Z?

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  1. They don’t care about a feud. They care about getting clicks and views in order to grow ad revenue. Antagonistic contentious half-truths are an efficient way to get those clicks and views.

  2. Just read an article about lin manuel miranda declaring him a “casualty” of the generational war. And then saw a meme that was what seemed like “elitist boomer” humor directed at Gen Z from millennials like “back when I was a kid we had skinned knees and went outside!” Does anyone actually think this shit? Lol.

    I’d really rather not, man. The only thing I’ve noticed about Gen Z is that it’s fucking awesome seeing more women skateboarding and doing things they enjoy without being made to feel like they shouldn’t. Fuck yeah.

  3. I’m gonna have to off go on a bit of a tangent here.

    Some time ago I read a really interesting paper on how views on politics, society and progress as well as expression of those views change between generations. (sadly I don’t have a link, but see if you can find it, it was a really good read).

    Basically, the reason millenials have the stereotype of being whiny and angry is because at least the older ones grew up in more or less good times compared to today (the 80s and 90s) and then watched the generations before them selfishly fuck it up for their own gain. So of course they’re angry, especially once the Internet became mainstream and people learned that shit doesn’t have to be bad.

    Gen Z didn’t have that experience . We were born into a world that is full on fucked. For many of us, the first political memory was 2008 and it’s aftermath. We never experienced those good times you want to go back to. That causes a lot of nihilism in Gen Z. Combine that with Gen Z having access to mobile Internet and getting in touch with different cultures from a very young age and being much harder to bullshit because of increasing competence with media and you get a capitalist conglomerate’s nightmare.

    Of course they don’t want you to be in touch with us, we’ll give you bad ideas.

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  4. News outlets are owned and run by Boomers or people who share Boomer mindsets. News outlets are also fast becoming irrelevant as sources of truth thanks to the internet and are desperate for ad revenue clicks.

    Millennials have hated Boomers for fucking up the world, and said boomers who fucked up the world are turning their establishment tools to fight the absolute deluge of memes and internet content that exposes how badly they had life on easy mode and then proceeded to fuck everything up in the process.

    Millennials are not listening to talking heads on established news channels throwing sound-bite snippets to manufacture a story, they’re listening to long-form podcasts and YouTube videos that post all their sources in the description and take as long as they need to explain their point. Sometimes that explanation is blunt and direct, other times with a healthy dose of creative (but not misinformational) editing and comedy/meme injections.

    So why the fake feud? Millennials and Gen X are displacing the boomers from positions of power more and more, and they’re trying to redirect the rage of these two generations away from the deserved target (themselves) towards Gen Z before they are forced to retire. Its a diversion. Once the internet meme machine is after you, rightly or wrongly, your days are numbered. They don’t want the meme machine to build any more steam, because that could culminate in a climate change and corporate corruption Nuremburg trial within their lifetime.

    Of course, the problem is that the new audience wants to see power held to account, it wants corporations reigned in and it was more attention on the plight of the planet as a whole. How does an obsolete “news” organisation expose corruption, advocate change and hold powerful people accountable when those very same corrupt, backwards thinking, unethically powerful people are the very same ones that own or benefit the news companies in the first place?

    The answer is they can’t. Yet they still want money, so they will do *literally everything and anything else* except what the incoming audience wants them to do to last just that little bit longer before they can get their golden parachute into retirement, set themselves up in a tax-haven country that doesn’t have an extradition treaty with any western nation and die thinking they “won” capitalism.

  5. It’s all about making money. News outlets are a business, and just like any other business, all that matters is the bottom line. As a result, they routinely manufacture conflict where none exists, and make controversy out of the mundane. The more they keep us fighting amongst ourselves, the more they control to narrative, the more we stay glued to our television screens and keep clicking on the headlines, which means more ad revenue for them and more money in their pockets. “Reporting” stopped being about journalism decades ago.

  6. Its especially weird because a lot of Gen Z are still kids? I was born in the late 90s so i’m at the older end of being a Gen Z. But Gen Zs were still being born in 2015 which means the media is trying to manufacture tension between adults and literal grade school kids. The oldest Gen Zs are 24 so I guess 30 somethings could be mad at 24 year olds, but 6 year olds? Something not right here

  7. What did you expect when the dumb ass ‘Boomer’ trend started? Once that happened it was inevitable that people from every generation that fall for this kind of crap would be at each others throats.

  8. Not a millennial, but born in that weird period where I’m not really gen Z either: this has always happened. Whether it be boomers vs. Millennials or Millennials vs. Gen Z, unless serious societal change is done, the prior generation is always going to belittle the current generation because they hold the power of the media.

    However, because of the baby boom, we’re entering this weird period in time where it’s two generations against one, really giving Gen Z an unfair situation when it comes to their needs and rights.

    Fuck the baby boom, all my homies hate the baby boom.

  9. Lugenpresse thrives on internal divisions. The reason they’re stoking culture wars right now is so the nation won’t collectively recognize how evil they are and deal with the lugenpresse and the elites accordingly. If Red State Rick spends his day flaming Blue State Bob about something as meaningless as “transgender rights”, then neither of them will notice the elites inflating their life savings away.

  10. Ah yes the intergenerational battles that apparently dominate our culture. My favorite thing that’s totally based in reality and not at all silly bullshit. More of that please.

  11. Honestly, it’s mostly millennial reporters who write that stuff. I guess they’re trying hard to make it look like there’s a more stereotypically entitled, sheltered generation out there given all the negative stereotypes concerning millenials. Maybe it’s a diversion, maybe not. Who knows? Who cares?

  12. Older generations will always find younger generations “soft” or “outrageous” because we forget what it’s like to be a kid, and progress marches on.

    Younger generations will always think that they invented technology, sex, and social progress, and think adults are like, totally lame and oppressive, and also very dorky in their dress and behavior.

    At this point, millennials are kind of in charge of the media that is sold to zoomers. Teenagers thinking people in their 30s are oppressive dorks, and 30somethings thinking teenagers are whiny and loud, is a standard trope, so here it is.

    Though frankly, as a millenial, zoomers’ habit of calling everyone over 24 a “boomer” is infuriating and they should be punished severely for it.

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