Folks that drive around without music. Why?

Folks that drive around without music. Why?

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  1. Had a song on and wanted to change it. Was too focused on my phone trying to pick a song and hit the brakes too late.
    After that never again.

  2. Usually it’s because I heard a noise from my car while driving, trying to hear it again to pinpoint the issue. Otherwise I have music going.

  3. Road noise is very satisfying on its own. It gives me space to think about all the things I distract myself from thinking about most other times.

  4. Some days after work on the ride home… you just need some silence. You know you aren’t going to get it at home, and you didn’t get it at work.

    Sometimes a little bit of silence does more to relax you than music does.

  5. If I’m driving with people, I turn on the music

    Otherwise I keep it off. I’m always listening to music and white/pink noise, driving is one of the only parts of my day that I get silence.

  6. Well imagining your own music video to the song and eventually shit happens when you’re busy fantasizing and not paying attention to the road.

  7. I do it sometimes because my favorite professor challenged me to. Honestly, it lets me organize my thoughts and even makes the drive quicker

  8. I can never get music onto my phone and switching CDs can be a pain. And of course the radio is terrible. Dedicated mp3 players…yeah i should get one

  9. Modern Country, religious fundamentalist, and Classic Rock stations are all that we have here. If just Stairway to Heaven were to invade my cockpit (never mind the other two), either serious road rage or projectile vomiting would follow. Neither is conducive to safe driving.

  10. I usually listen to podcasts, sometimes talk radio, sometimes music, and sometimes I just want silence. If there’s other people in the car, I’m probably talking to them.

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