For gamers out there who don’t want to play online multiplayer games with anyone. Why?

For gamers out there who don’t want to play online multiplayer games with anyone. Why?

What do you think?


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  1. Bring back the story driven single player. I just wanna sit and chill out – not have the few hours I have spare ruined by some competitive little twerp

  2. I’ve met a lot of people online who are friendly and enthusiastic and love the game they’re playing

    But it just takes one “get me my chocolate milk” guy to ruin it all

  3. mmorpg – i dont want to commit to a guild. i like to do watever i want whenever i want

    moba – i m mediocre, i enjoy the game but ultimately i dont like the toxicity

    fps – i dont use a mic so i m mostly silent. no different than playing vs ai. i m not that good anyway

    other reasons. i dont like the concept of “queuing up”. there was a time heroes of the storm needed over 3 minutes to get a match. but i do remember a time when it used to be within 20 seconds. rip HoTS.

    i also dislike games that have mp because i prefer single player experience. when i play arpg’s, taking down a tough boss by myself is an achievement. in an mmo, when a world boss appears. i dont know wtf i m doing. everyone is just spamming skills and before i know it the boss is dead. is that even enjoyable? not to me.

    but, i do play l4d once in a blue moon with my buddies. when its with your irl friends with discord, games can be quite fun on mp.

  4. I don’t have te time to keep up wit kids who can play 40 hours a week.

    I don’t want to speak to people online, as most of them are mean and hurl abuse since you aren’t as good as them.

    I just don’t have the time anymore to play online games, I’m an adult who has a full-time job/hobbies/partner. So I stick with single-player games.

  5. I play in the living room and it’s a nightmare if I opened the mic you would think I’m at war or something

    Plus I might write English good enough but i can’t speak it because I never had anyone to practice with irl

    And playing with the people from my country is too dangerous I’m afraid they might know enough about me to try to become my friends irl which I would never do for the simple fact that I trust nobody

    If i have to make it into one word I’d say “anxious “

  6. I don’t need someone else’s help to finish the story. I don’t need to be worry about sucking and ruining someone else’s fun or someone else sucking, ruining my fun. I don’t feel pressured to socialize.

  7. When I play games it’s to relax and just fuck around, I want to get away from all people, explore. I don’t want other players because it would defeat the purpose

  8. Internet can be spotty (13Mbps, across all wifi), hardware isn’t competitive (<60fps on newer AAA) , don’t have the time to learn all the aspects to gain an advantage (used to do this for de_dust 2 in CSGO), basic dopamine rush from just experiencing a new world and no need to compete (low competition drive?), hackers and exploiters who can turn hours of work on it’s head , and a distinct lack of an online presence of friends (nonetheless gamers) or willingness to make new ones to share experiences and have some memorable fun with.

  9. Online multi-player has never been fun for me. I play video games to relax. Losing to the unemployed guy who lives in his mom’s basement and plays the game every waking moment of his life is not relaxing. In a whole world of gamers, there’s always someone who devotes more time to a game than I do.

  10. I like gaming, but I’m really bad at games, so I always feel extremely anxious that i’m holding the team back if I am playing coop, and I don’t enjoy losing so competitive sucks.

  11. It’s too difficult, I am not well socialized and I don’t communicate well. I usually play shooters, but I just don’t want to compete anymore; causes too much negative emotion which I can’t handle. I’ve gotten softer as I have gotten older.

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