For those of you who don’t think with an inner monologue, what are your thoughts like?

For those of you who don’t think with an inner monologue, what are your thoughts like?

What do you think?

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  1. My voices are cool with each other. Except that bastard that’s always worrying about stuff. He keeps the rest of us up at night.
    Breathe.. breathe..

  2. I have a friend who says he doesn’t have an inner monologue and can almost never visualize anything. I was like “how do you think?”. He couldn’t answer. Still kind of frustrated about it.

  3. Pretty sure most of my students have no inner monologue. When I try to teach them how to write I use an apple as an example topic and ask them questions like “what is it?” “what color is it” “what can you make with it?” and I’m met with blank stares.

  4. I do mostly sound and color thoughts. (Visual moving picture, like watching tv)

    Sometimes I do inner monologue but when I do, *it leaks*. I will either mouth the words or be humming them, or speaking aloud to myself while driving. If that helps.

  5. It depends but generally it’s like a scene that I’m watching if passive or actively shaping like in The Matrix but in my mind. Written words are also not translated to heard voices in my mind, they are just their own thing.

  6. I only think in inner monologue when writing. Other than that, I think in concepts I guess, but without words to describe the concept. It’s like visualization, without visualizing anything. Sounds dumb but it’s like I’m thinking a ton of sentences at a time but it’s not my voice saying them and there’s no words. Rapid fire ideas all at once until my brain selects the one it wants and in the same split second that’s when I’ll communicate the concepts. They’re just outlines and when I speak or write it’s like translating from one language to another

    Question for people with inner monologue: I’m just genuinely curious, do you think in full sentences and does that not like, take a long time? I’m lost at the concept of that as that’s just not how my brain works

  7. It like shooting a paintball gun at a wall.

    A idea flies in, there’s a flash & pop, there’s a image in my mind then another idea paintball comes flying in.

  8. They’re like big shifting fractal things. Quasi-physical geometric shapes, like tensegrity machines made out of extremely fine and tiny Kinex.

    If you’ve ever played Geometry Ware 3, the thing I’m talking about looks like the level before it “unfolds” into the cube or cylinder or other shape you’re playing on.

    It’s all a big geometric visual representation of what I’m thinking about. I think by moving the parts of this image/model around to reconnect.

    Then I translate that back into words when I want to describe it to others. It’s not always easy to do.

  9. Kind of an abstract visualization. Occasionally formed words pop up like I’m talking to myself, which I dislike because it’s too “noisy”

  10. I think I have an inner monolog, but the thoughts happen faster than can be said. So it’s like a train of interrupted thoughts, “I wonder if…” “do you think….” ” what did this…”

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