For those whose who enjoy it, what do you enjoy most about alone time?

For those whose who enjoy it, what do you enjoy most about alone time?

What do you think?

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  1. I can talk to myself the way I won’t talk to anyone else, and I can understand myself better than anyone else. I can sing random things and nobody can hear me. I can debate with myself about random topics and I won’t hear other people’s opinions. Lol being alone is so addictive.

  2. not being perceived. you never know how the people around you perceive you- I like doing what I enjoy- watching movies, reading, collecting- doing whatever without my actions causing an impact on my character in the eyes of others.

  3. The quietness, if in a quiet area, no talking, being able to actually hear myself think, and if out in nature or by the road/city, and nature/car/city ambient sounds

  4. The space. I love to just be as loud as I want and be as messy as I want.

    I switch the music from just my office speaker to the whole house, and then I can use the living room floor to lay out all my stuff that I’m working on. I also like being able to talk to myself nonstop.

  5. I enjoy being able to listen to my music and do some things I would only want to do, I’m a construction worker who plays video games, shoots guns, and occasionally skate boards and mount bikes, I’m not joking when I say that my gf doesn’t want to do a single thing there ever.

  6. You don’t have to worry about anyone so whatever you’re trying to do goes smoother.

    This is great for learning personal skills. I feel I learn so much faster alone than with others.

  7. I don’t have to consider anyone else. I can stare at the ceiling if I want to. I don’t have to spend any mental or emotional energy caring about how my actions affect others. Even when I’m watching TV with someone I have to consider how much I speak, if they want to talk and I want silence I have to compromise. When I watch TV alone I can get distracted, dive into whatever tangent popped into my head, then rewind to catch up on what I missed. I don’t have that freedom when someone else is around. I can burp and fart whenever I want without having to make it quiet. If I’m traveling alone I can go wherever I want to, whenever I want to. If I want to spend the entire day lounging by the pool I can, I can get up at noon and go eat at a local restaurant, I can site see or not. It’s complete unrestricted freedom.

  8. Not having to say the right things. I’m uncomfortable even with people I’m very close with. Sometimes I would rather talk to myself than bother talking to anyone else.

  9. A few things….controlling the radio rocking out, quiet time to read, I get to eat whatever I want 😋, arguing with myself, stopping and going at my leisure, off the top of my head.

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  10. I can read with no one interrupting me. I’m ADHD-PI, so it’s shitty to be interrupted when I’m trying to read news articles or Reddit or whatever.

  11. The peace, the solitude. I am a deeply introverted person who happens to hold a job that requires a crap load of interpersonal relationships and a multitude of brief and often stressful encounters with people in distress and failing health.

    If I’m home alone I often just sit on a couch in a sunny room and bask in the silence. The dogs crawl onto my lap and I can just sit there in silence for hours with the dogs snoring next to me. Nobody asking for me, nobody needing me, nothing required of me except to be present in the moment. I keep my schedule secret to everyone but my wife so that I can steal these times back from the world.

  12. Its the one time no one expects anything from me, needs anything from me, or social expectation demanding anything from me. After having extended time to myself it’s the closest i get to feeling like myself again instead of someone’s husband, employee, friends, coworker, supervisor etc.

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