Fully Grown Men of Reddit, what makes you scream like a little girl?

Fully Grown Men of Reddit, what makes you scream like a little girl?

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  1. I don’t care how big of a fucking man you think you are. Fucking spiders are the creepiest motherfucking things and I know they are mostly harmless but I will scream like a tiny girl every time one sneaks up on me.

  2. So one day I see a funny looking spider. It has a really big looking abdomen, not sure what that’s about. So I pick it up and look closer at it. Turns out it’s a momma spider, and her abdomen is covered by babies, who choose this moment to depart their loving moms fuzzy body and swarm their way up my forearm. Cue the ear-piercing, glass-shattering, little girl pitched scream.

  3. Any spider that manages to get within touching distance of me unnoticed. If I can see them from a distance I can fake it. But if I find it right next to me I lose it.

  4. Centipedes, especially those big ones in puerto rico. I can’t, it’s like a deep primal fear, I literally just cant.

    Just thinking about them to write this post is getting me flustered and itchy and uncomfortable.

  5. Golden retrievers because they’re so cute. Well….pretty much any dog. Cats too. Cats are super cute as well. You know, I’ll scream with joy if I see any type of cute little critter.

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