Gamers of Reddit, What video game didn’t live up to the hype?

Gamers of Reddit, What video game didn’t live up to the hype?

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  1. The Division, the second one even more so than the first.
    The Beta had great PVP since the levels were capped quite low and time to kill was 3-5 seconds.
    When the games released people only PVP at max level and you can endlessly heal up mid fight.

  2. Batman arkham knight for me. Too much batmobile, story was good but still couldn’t reach arkham city. Took me 2 tries to actually finish the game.

    Cyberpunk 2077 even tho everything was messed up for me in that game. Game didn’t arrive, heard it broke ps4s left and right. Refunded it, got ghost of tsushima instead. (although i gotta admit, i did enjoy cyberpunk a great deal when i finally played it)

    I hope when someone asks this question in a year, hogwarts legacy will not be in it lol

  3. Brutal Legend: The game was supposed to be an RPG about an old metal head in a world full of heavy metal where he saves the day. The entire first quarter of the game is probably some of the best gameplay I’ve ever played. The jokes are funny the gameplay loop is engaging, and the story is fun. But then right when you’re getting close to the halfway part the RPG and action stops and it becomes a full-blown RTS. Not once in any of the promotional material, any interview with anybody in the game, and even from the developers themselves never said it had RTS elements. It was marketed and talked about being an action RPG with Jack Black, heavy metal, and new exciting world.

    Double fine studios lied to everybody and didn’t care, I have never spent a single penny on them since that and I never will again. As a company they are dead to me.

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