Gamer’s of Reddit, what was the weirdest game you got addicted to?

Gamer’s of Reddit, what was the weirdest game you got addicted to?

What do you think?


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  1. GTA but not for obvious reasons.

    My favorite thing was to get in my car and drive around, following the rules of the road. I would drive at a moderate speed, obey all traffic lights and watch for pedestrians.

    I would do this for hours.

  2. Kerbal Space Program. It’s not a normal game if you think about it, but the pursuit of the same milestones which fuelled the space race work just as well on gamers. It’s very satisfying for your own designs to accomplish something.

  3. South Park Phone Destroyer

    Game is being sunsetted, effectively dead now aside from weekly repetitive events, and the meta is extremely limited and stale. Bugs are still there after literally YEARS. It’s also easy to abuse the ranking system to save time farming wins and earning rewards.

    Love South Park though so I still can’t get enough. I want to see how far I can get before the game closes completely. I haven’t spent a cent on it either.

  4. Obey me. It’s a game about a human who go to a foreign exchange program in hell. It’s a battle dance and dating sim all in one. Charters are 7 persons of sin the king his butler a wizard and a angel. Also you are a sheep

  5. I wouldn’t say ‘addicted’, but I played through the relatively short story of “12 Minutes” obsessively until I finished. For those that know, that plot twist was… interesting

  6. On paper, I think Minecraft is a weird game.

    I has crappy graphics and you mine for gems and punch trees…and it’s one of the most beloved, popular games of all time.

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