Gamers of Reddit, which game made you rage so hard, that you almost swore never to play it again? Why?

Gamers of Reddit, which game made you rage so hard, that you almost swore never to play it again? Why?

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  1. Diablo Immortal, I played 2 battle passes religiously but this game disrespects its player base by trying to suck as much money as possible by making you feel inadequate. They only care about getting more money.

  2. Gta vice city stories had me really pissed at one mission because of how stupid it is and how bad lances ai is in the mission as well as being forced to go and do the fire fighter mission so vick becomes fireproof for a dumb boss fight

  3. The Division.

    I was excited to get this game. The premise looked cool, the graphics are sick, and it’s coop with the bros, so even if the game is just okay… it’s fun to use it to socialize with the bros.

    But damn. That game sucked ass. Paper-thin story, repetitive boring missions. It’s just a shoot-n-loot in all the worst ways.

    But even worse, the gameplay sucked. Every enemy is a bullet sponge. Like I have an M4 and I can unload a magazine into a low level mobs head and not kill them yet. I’d have to reload and finish them off. They aren’t wearing some magical ballistic helmet or something either, just a fucking baseball cap lol.

    That just kills any immersion for me. I hate that lack of realism in a game that uses a premise and setting based specifically on realism, not magic or fantasy.

    I gave it a few hours with the boys, hoped it would get better. Nope. As I got better guns, the mobs just leveled up too, and it was the exact same thing.

    I never played it again. Not exactly a rage quit. Just a “this game sucks balls, let’s play literally anything else”

  4. DragonFable. I played it since 2008 or so until I came across a boss that was literally impossible to beat without Dragon Amulet powers. I refuse to pay for that shit and I abandoned the game for years. Eventually I got good RNG and managed to beat it being one hit away from death. I never screamed and swore louder in my life and I wasn’t even happy. I was fucking pissed at that shit boss design and I abandoned the game again. The main quest is neverending bullshit and it probably STILL hasn’t gotten to the point where you can kill that anti-magic cunt of a main villain.

  5. Basically every Ubisoft game. I swear the games fucking cheat!

    I know it’s just bad coding, but when my character decides to jump 4 stories or a hitscan connects with a trailing box it drives me absolutely insane. That said, Assassins Creed I, III, IV and Watchdogs I are some of my all time favorite titles.

    Also Minecraft; back when it was random chance whether or not the sneak function would stop you from falling to your death and inconsistent game tick made mobs randomly jump to an adjacent block.

    I also remember around the time pyramids were added that I would occasionally get stuck in place for a few seconds any time a TNT block was replaced with a TNT entity, but I have a feeling that was just something that broke in my particular download because later on when I reverted back to that version for a map I’d found, I no longer had the problem.

  6. There’s a really tough super enemy in the first person punching game “Breakdown”. It’s really hard to kill one, but at one point they put two of them in a small hallway with you surrounded by fire. I gave up and never tried again.

  7. League of legends. There was one particular ranked match that made me so mad that I decided to never play it again and I uninstalled the program. Two days later I was waiting in a queue for another ranked match and thinking to myself why I’m doing this.

  8. For honor. The matchmaking is so terrible in that game that beginner players get matched with absolute legends and end up getting cell block D’d anytime they try to play online.

  9. Pokémon Showdown makes me rage every time I play it, but I keep coming back because it’s so easy to start a match up, and the matches are usually quick.

    But damn, it is insane how many games are literally decided by whether a move hits, or the opponent crits you, or ice beam/thunderbolt gets status, or contact status goes off, etc…

    Repeatedly losing matches because you missed a 90% accurate move, or the opponent gets a clutch critical hit, often against toxic opponents, is not overly healthy for the psyche.

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