Gamers, what’s the worst you’ve ever raged what did you do?

Gamers, what’s the worst you’ve ever raged what did you do?

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  1. I lost a PvP game and went out with my chain saw and mowed down a telephone tower. Had to pay $60,000 in damages for that incident and am now banned from being within 10 ft of any telephone towers

  2. Back when the Smash Bros wii was still the newest addition I was playing online against some asshole playing Mario. I lost to him 7 times in a row. I counted. 8th match and I was finally slapping him up and was going to win and he left before I could seal the win. I almost drop kicked my TV

  3. Not actually gaming, but I had a online test where my mouse would not work no matter what. The wireless connector was screwed up or something. I smashed down on it so hard I broke it. Mouse was like 60 bucks, so I was pretty pissed.

  4. Proud to say I’ve never broken anything whilst raging. Considering I’ve played I wanna be the guy (original) to the end boss (but never defeated the boss) it’s a miracle.

  5. I don’t rage in games but I do get really emotional/ depressed. Once I’m in that stage I will waste a ton of money and buy a bunch of shit. I had to quit playing World of Tanks and World of Warships because of it. If you’re wandering my worst one, my bank called me asking if it was me that spend almost $300 on Wargaming stuff.
    I’m alot better now, and haven’t been in that kind of state since I quit playing those games.

  6. Back in second grade my ADHD was at its worst, I got pissed at Lego Pirates at the Caribbean, slammed the end of my Xbox controller on my dogs heads, fast forward to today he’s perfectly fine, atleast I killed blackbeard

  7. i was 12 at the time i think,my pc kept freezing in a minecraft bedwars game i lost and i punched the laptop keyboard so hard the hdd broke and keyboard too.

  8. Back when I was a kid I was playing an important match in championship manager. I lost the game in the last minute and completley lost it. Stood up, was fuming, then proceeded to double leg fly kick my good old fat monitor. It just sparked, said poof and went black. I basically killed the messenger.

  9. Admittedly mine is kinda boring. By the time I got real into gaming I had gotten control over my anger so worst “rage” I ever had throughout my gamer years has just been me sighing in annoyance and giving a loud huff before I turn off the game and fume while watching YouTube or something.

  10. Had a roommate determined to beat Ghosts n Goblins on NES without cheating. Anyone that knows that game will tell you it will test your patience. It was entertaining just how frustrated he would get with it, then when he was on the verge of finally beating it, the game froze. Perfect.

  11. Broken a monitor, a laptop screen and about 2 desks I think. You could say I’m a bit of a rager, back in the days I had one of those massive dell screens that I’m not even sure would break if you hit it with a hammer, so back then I mostly just hurt my hand.

    The worst thing I’ve done though is probably calling my best friend an idiot over a little argument while playing dota.

  12. Played apex raged for 8 hours straight burst a small blood vessel in my brain after taking a “quick 30 minute nap” to relax and calm down I woke up many hours later with a headache and very very confused (also was still trying to calm my anger issues at the time) I still have a twitch but I also had a really bad stutter for a while and couldn’t say the word pencil without great difficulty for 3 days so yeah I’d say I fucked myself up pretty good by doing literally nothing but pushing buttons.

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