Girls of Reddit, do you really like when a guy is upfront about liking you?

Girls of Reddit, do you really like when a guy is upfront about liking you?

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  1. Male here but I don’t recommend doing that to a random person. If you’ve hanged out as good friends and known each other for a few weeks in person then it’s fine(yet risky) but better than confessing it to somebody on dms or an unknown woman.

  2. Depends. If a guy I didn’t know approached me in the middle of a supermarket because he saw me from afar and liked me, I would feel uncomfortable. If a guy I did know approached me in the supermarket to say hello and then asked me out because he liked me, I’d smile about it later. I can only speak for myself I guess but I love it when y’all are upfront about that, just remember everyone’s got different qualities they value. You might not always get a yes or returned interest, but if you make your intentions clear, it certainly gives you more of a chance than what you had before haha! Throw your hat into the ring 🙂 honesty is sooo valuable

  3. It really depends on the girl. Some girls will appreciate the directness and appreciate the fact that you’re being upfront about your intentions. Other girls might find it a bit too forward and may be turned off by it.

  4. Yes. Girls like an assertive guy. However, as others have said, this is tricky with complete strangers, because we won’t be impressed if your pick-up is a comment about appearance. You need at least enough info to compliment her, as a person, not just how hot you think she is.

  5. If an attractive guy I didn’t know came up to me and thought I looked cute and started a conversation which ended in him asking me for my number, it would really depend on the way the conversation went.

    If it was creepy and the guy went for sexual comments and just kept complimenting my appearance over and over…. Err nty. But if he maybe started with one compliment (and imo, have a direct compliment that is based on a choice. Don’t just say “you’re beautiful” say something about like clothing choices, or hair style choice, or if I’m working out, please comment on my lifts haha). But after that initial compliment, if the woman seems receptive, have a little bit of quick chatter that can gain a bit more info on the person to decide if you’re maybe interested in their personality. Then exchange numbers, or at least offer your number so if they’re the type of person who can’t say no, they don’t have to worry about a stranger texting them.

    For me. If a guy did this just about anywhere, I’d be quite happy. It’d be better if they were my type, of course. But regardless, don’t be creepy, don’t enter her personal space, don’t corner her, watch her body language. Common sense stuff imo.

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