Girls of Reddit, what was one of the most obvious hints you’ve given to a guy you liked but it didn’t work out for you?

Girls of Reddit, what was one of the most obvious hints you’ve given to a guy you liked but it didn’t work out for you?

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  1. My ex once had a cute bubbly female friend of his come over. She was younger than him and thought he was amazing. When they were hanging out in the bathroom at his place (don’t know why), she decided then and there to take off her clothes and have a shower right in front of him. He just continued playing his guitar and tried not to look at her.
    She didn’t visit him any more after that.

  2. In highschool I invited my first boyfriend over at 1am, while my parents were out of town, to watch Balto. We watched the whole damn thing, he gave me a hug, and biked home. To be fair it’s a pretty bitchin’ movie.

  3. When I was younger and really interested in a guy, I would invite him to a movie/video game shopping/walk etc and at some point during the event I would ask to compare hands and then just kind of not let go once we were done.
    A couple of guys got it right away and it was AWESOME to see them blush and kind of light up a bit.
    One guy simply told me my hand was too warm and let go.

  4. I had my crush questioning me about what kind of guy I’m into. I described him exactly.

    He went off and apparently told his best friend “sorry man, she’s not into you.”

  5. Oblivious guy here. I called a fizzy drink ‘Soda pop.’ She said, ‘That’s so cute. If any guy ever asked me out for a soda pop I would have to say yes.’ Two years later I woke up in the middle of the night and realized she meant me.

  6. Given my current crush so many but none have worked. A notable one is him asking if I was into older guys and I looked at him and was like yeah depending on the guy all flirting and got closer to him and yeah he didn’t pick up on that…welp.

  7. In high school my cousin was offered a ride home from a cute girl that he liked. He was confused when she passed his house, but he didn’t say anything. She drove for a bit and pulled into an empty, secluded parking lot. Then she looked over at him and said something along the lines of, “Now that we’re stopped here, is there anything you wanna do?” He thought for a second and then said, “Yeah, I don’t think my door’s shut all the way.” So he opened his door and re-shut it. The girl gave him a weird look and just drove him home.
    He said he literally walked into his room, sat down on his bed, and then let out a big, “…OHHHH!”

  8. I think the problem with a lot of these is that a lot of guys have trouble NOT assuming that every girl that talks to them wants the D, so they train themselves to not react to it so they can continue functioning in society without being perverts.
    Also, nobody seems to be considering the possibility of guys that just aren’t interested.

  9. I literally asked the guy out. And he didn’t get it. You could practically see the invitation soar over his head. It wasn’t like he was politely rejecting me. He didn’t get it.

  10. Idk if this counts, but here it is: I had gone on a date with this guy, but he was a little new to the whole dating thing(no big deal, but made him a little oblivious). A few days after our date we were sitting in the cafeteria of our college, just sitting and chatting. I place my hand on his leg while laughing, and leave it there afterwards. His reaction, “What? Is something wrong?” Whoosh

  11. She told me she likes tall, muscular, hairy guys.
    A few days later she asked me why guys don’t pick up on hints.
    I’m a tall, muscular, hairy guy.
    We’re dating now.

  12. I think the most obvious hint I ever gave a guy I liked was when I invited him over to my house to watch a movie. Unfortunately, he didn’t pick up on the hint and I never heard from him again.

  13. Texted a guy I work with “so what are you up to tonight?” as a prelude to asking if he wanted to get drinks or something. Instead of texting he calls me and says “Why, what’s going on??” Thought I was about to hand him some work-related emergency. “Haha, no I was just wondering.” “Oh okay, thank god! Haha bye.” Hangs up the phone.
    “No, but… I was… you… never mind.”

  14. I was talking to a girl I hadn’t seen since we were kids. It was around the time of schools having their proms/formals and stuff. I asked her if she was taking anyone, and she said “no, but I really want to go with someone” and smiled and looked at me. I literally said “oh, I hope you find someone” and brushed it off. Not exactly smooth.

  15. After seeing a movie and grabbing ice cream with a guy, I rested his head on my shoulder my head on his shoulder and told him I would love for him to take me home, mentioning that my mother was out of town and my sister was staying at a friend’s house.
    He dropped me off at the front door and waved goodbye.

  16. My boyfriend and I were sitting on my living room couch, my mom in the back bedroom (our of eye site and hearing). My boyfriend is on my laptop, and surfing reddit. I wrapped my arms around his waist and began kissing his neck and tried to slip my hands under his shirt. He just laughed because I tickled him, sort of shrugged me off and kept on reading.

  17. I flirted, I touched his leg, I kissed his cheek, I pressed myself up against him, I ALWAYS hugged him, and I always held his hand. He still did not understand that I liked him and wanted to kiss him.
    I later found out I was his first EVERYTHING. Whoops.

  18. I made him Valentine’s day cookies, all wrapped up in a baggie with ribbon and a little note inside. He said, “Oh thanks, that was nice of you.” and then that was it.

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