Given your health status and lifestyle , what age are you expecting to live up to?

Given your health status and lifestyle , what age are you expecting to live up to?

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  1. Due to my endocrine system disorder, my doctor said I would die of cancer before the age of 30. Every year after has been a blessing. I’m about to be 35.

  2. I eat healthy, workout, get good sleep, am normally happy, seen older family members live to their 80s

    I think I can push to my 100s with advancements in technology and healthcare

  3. I’m 55 and fairly healthy, as far as I know, but I’ve led a pretty sedentary lifestyle the past 20 years. I’m about 30 pounds overweight, and I have a feeling my health will start deteriorating fairly quickly. My mom is approaching 90 and very healthy, and her family has traditionally lived to a ripe old age, but I may break that tradition. I’d be very surprised if I lived another 10 years.

  4. 70 if I’m lucky, and that’s only 6 years from now. Aside from family history, I’m in treatment for stage 4 cancer. I’ve been lucky so far to be in pretty good shape, but it’s only going to last for so long.

  5. Well with the advances in science and my careless abandonment when making life choices ass whale ass my being in the right place at the wrong time ass whale ass having such a bad headspace while having such a good time if I were to guess I’d just leave up to anyone reading this

  6. On one side Grandpa lived to 100; they worked daily and ate mostly home grown food. I am mostly sedentary with much more stress and while trying to eat healthily it’s not as easy due to lack of time. Probably much less.

  7. As a 20yo obese guy I’ve excepted my fate of not crossing my 55th bday. Now that I’m recalling , when I was 15/16, wanted to pass away peacefully at 28/29

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