guys of reddit, whats one thing you hate about being a dude?

guys of reddit, whats one thing you hate about being a dude?

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  1. Walking into a store I’m not used to going in and people looking ya over/making sure you aren’t stealing shit. Because of my anxiety I shop at night or dusk and I always forget that alot of people are genuinely afraid of guys.

    But then again a beanie wearing masked man walking into a gas station at 2am is actually pretty sketch.

  2. Being expected to “man up” and not show emotions. The way that any basic touch or affection with platonic friends is interpreted to be sexual. Also, torsion (0/10 do not recommend).

  3. When I get sweaty downstairs and my sack winds up stuck to my leg leading to that awkward need to adjust.

    On a more real note, the expectation that I shouldn’t cry or show emotion about things. It really sucks

  4. The fact I can’t just wear a skirt or anything remotely ‘gay’ without being percieved as a pervert or a weirdo.

    Like yall, skirts are SUPER comfy society is missing out

  5. I’m young-ish at 42 but I have to be careful about pissing. Morning sideways stream is bad but so is splash back and occasional wet boxers because there was a little pee still in the tube. Nothing worse than having to change underwear after a piss that couldn’t wait until morning.

    Ass hair is not fun. I envy hairless guys. Wet wipes are nice but a shower is the only way for a hairy ass to feel clean after shitting.

    Eyebrows. Nobody teaches guys how to pluck eyebrows or even that you should.

    You know what else sucks? Being judged on your height I’m above average but I’ve seen it totally fuck up some guys. Had a friend who stopped growing at 5’2″. Man, it fucked him up so badly he isn’t the person anymore.

  6. The deep fucking voice, the fact that I can’t do anything or say anything when my afab friends are on their period, the fact that people expect me to be tough and shit and don’t care about my mental state, among others that no body will give a shit about

  7. How much we’re focused on sex. The meme “i don’t want to be horny anymore i want to be happy” applies to a certain extent. Not that i don’t like being horny, i do, but for a guy it can be really frustrating because we don’t have it easy as women. They can if they want just open a dating app, choose a dude and get laid in the same day. For a guy, or at least for 99% of guys it doesn’t work like that. So, i’d like us dudes to have less sex drive so we could focus on productive things, or for our sexual drive to be potentially satisfied with the same ease as women.

  8. I absolutely fn LOVE being a man and not a woman and wouldn’t even consider it. Every single day I hear a girl say something or do something and I say to myself “that must suck being a girl, i was so lucky being born a man.”

  9. You’re either a provider, or you’re alone. In most cases anyway. To quote Chris Rock “Only women, children, and dogs are loved unconditionally. A man is only loved under the condition that he provide something.”

  10. The fact your only loved if you provide, the stress of maintaining a family, working 60 hours a week, being less likely to win in a family court or any court room for any situation, the female ideation that being a dude is easy when really being human full stop is a task in of itself, being expected to “man up” and bury emotions…the fucken list goes on mate being a bloke is a cunt of a thing in this day and age

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