Guys of reddit, where do you finish after jerking off?

Guys of reddit, where do you finish after jerking off?

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  1. Three places:
    Between the belly button and the dick, that space.

    “Inside”, i have a tip to not make a mess and still be able to end wherever you want, when you’re about to finish, pull Up the skin of the dick and close It with your hands, It Will make a weird bag, doesnt work if you’re jewish.

    And in the wc

  2. I will let you in my little secret. I use plastic as condom to finish off because condoms are quite expensive. Here, Milk and dairy are sold in [this]( plastic bags. You can buy them separately in bunch. It is stronger than normal plastic bag and you can even reuse it after cleaning (but you got to clean them well). This lets you nut you as you want to, the position you want to. You can even relax after nutting for a bit.

    I used to use toilet paper but it can be tricky to target well. And it also restricts how you want to nut. Socks smell and it is too much hassle to clean for my lazy ass.

  3. I use to ✊ in a condom so that I could finish and keep my jammies on and just take the condom off and wipe my 🚀 with a towel. Now when I ✊ finish there is usually a white gooey mess on my hand🤚 and all over my 🚀⚽️⚽️ so I take a towell and wipe myself clean

  4. My boyfriend sent me a video of him finishing in his mates sink. It was my fault of course because I turned him on while out, so he had to leggit to have a wank. Must say it was one of the grossest turn on’s I’ve experienced! Can’t beat those it’s so gross it’s hot

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