Guys of Reddit who got circumcised not as a baby, Why and How was your recovery?

Guys of Reddit who got circumcised not as a baby, Why and How was your recovery?

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  1. Circumcised at age 13.

    Why? Cuz i was told its good for me, realize what it means at later age tho. Also my foreskin kinda stuck, so it was hard to clean properly.

    Recovered in 2-3 weeks? I dont really remember. But the (glue?) that’s supposed to hold it kinda fall off once and i had to reapply it. Scariest time of my life. Thought imma lose my penis tip

  2. I was circumcised at 25 because it got too tight. It was pretty savage, the swelling was morbid and bled a few times over a week. Took 8 weeks until I could “use” it again, but the suffering was worth it.

  3. I was circumcised as a baby and at 13. Doc didn’t get it right the first time. Recovery was hell. I was at the age where the wind could blow on it and it would stand up. So when the urge hit me, I would try and cross my legs to keep from getting hard and popping the stitches. I remember laying in my bedroom floor crying and feeling like I was going to throw up.

    A couple of times it happened I did end up popping a few of the stitches. It felt like I was ripping my dick off in strips.

  4. Got circumcised literally a week ago at 15, still recovering, while my body feels alright, my dick doesn’t hurt anymore, I’m used to do excercise and go to school so this week of nothingness has been a mental hell, I feel like an useless pile of loundry nobody wants to clean, I can’t shower properly and I’m still afraid of using underwear

  5. My friend got his caught in his jeans, I’ll never forget the horror in his eyes! Ended up getting an infection leading to circumcision. He wasnt right for a long time.

  6. circumcision removes your rigid band and frenulum in most cases, and the general foreskin is important. many urologists convince adults to do it if they have issues like phimosis, but there are way less severe options and surgeries which don’t permanently remove the most important part of your dick for enjoyment (frenulum)




  8. Not sure what your age range defines a baby to most but I was probably 5 or 6 when I was circumcised. Parents wanted it to be my choice when I got older but at that age I couldn’t remember to pull the foreskin back and wash it so got infected, had to go to hospital and…snip, snip. I remember the whole ordeal. I remember how it burned, the hospital, even going under. Also remember seeing the stitches. Was like a spike necklace for my pp.

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