Guys: What would a girl need to do to give you the impression that she’s interested?

Guys: What would a girl need to do to give you the impression that she’s interested?

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  1. Literally look me in the eyes and tell me, verbatim, *”I [her name] like you, [my name]. I want to be in a serious relationship with you.”* Even then, there’s a 99% chance I still won’t know if she’s interested or not.

  2. being very direct. Lots of guys take indirects signals or stuff like that as women just being friendly, not because we don’t realise it may be her trying to flirt, but because of fear that it may not be, and in that case, we may be painted as a perverts

  3. Just say that she is interested. That would help for two reasons. One: I don’t like these slow “who’s gonna make the first move” approaches. Second: My ability to sense hints from a girl are compareable to a clown fish being taught advanced desert warfare tactics. They won’t understand it.

  4. I remember looking back in my early days and realized all the missed opportunities because I couldn’t read hints.

    All they had to do was just be direct.

  5. Just.Be.Bold.

    Seriously either just tell me you’re interested or make it obvious that you enjoy my company and if the feelings are reciprocated I’ll definitely ask you out and see where it goes from there.

    Though as of right now I am focusing on my future and on building it so this is NOT the right time for me to date so you’ll typically see me be friendly at max with no intents of dating whatsoever, even if I liked the girl.

  6. The way the only girl made me realize she wa interested in me was when we was talking about polygamy and she went all of a sudden with “If my gf wasn’t lesbian it would’ve been cool to have you too” so if i had to guess more explicit as possible to help our smol breins

  7. Just fucking say it. Christ all mighty. Men rarely pick up on hints. I understand you don’t want to risk being rejected but fellas are expected to and do deal with this all the time in the dating world and frankly it’s not even that bad. Grow a pair and ask him out, he would be bloody delighted I imagine.

  8. There is no one answer to this question since different guys will be interested in different things. However, some general things that might interest a lot of guys include being flirty and playful, making eye contact, being touchy-feely, and being interested in what the guy has to say.

  9. You know, we guys are really bad at noticing hints from women. So be straight forward. Seek our company. Show us that out of many options to spend your time, you decide to spend it with us.
    Let us understand, that we take a special place in your life=)

  10. Use your big person words and tell us direct

    Hell even draw it in big letters in crayon if he still doesn’t get your intentions

    Long story short, most guys are blind to signs (yup I definitely am) and being asked directly will get our full attention

  11. If outright saying she’s interested isn’t an option for some reason then doing that thing where women put their hand on your wrist has always been a big tipoff for me. If she does that, she means it.

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