Has the thought of committing suicide ever crossed your mind? If yes, how did you deal with it?

Has the thought of committing suicide ever crossed your mind? If yes, how did you deal with it?

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  1. Sure, a bunch over the years. It was only ever a passing thought and not something I took seriously enough to need any sort of real intervention.

    You good, buddy?

  2. Absolutely, still does, from time to time. At first I did the wrong thing, drowned it in booze and whatnot, but eventually went to a psychiatrist, therapy and all that jazz. Not gonna lie, those thoughts still pop up from time to time, more frequently than I’d like to, but thanks to therapy and my doc, I fell better equipped to deal with it nowadays.

  3. Yes, I called my boyfriend (now husband) and best friend then drove to the emergency room and told a nurse. They took me a room for an evaluation and once they felt safe with me going home with my boyfriend I left and shortly after started therapy. I also quit my job at an animal hospital because it was a major factor in my depression. Therapy, a loving support system and a new clinic did wonders for me.

  4. Usually about once or twice a week on average, moreso on weeks between paychecks.

    Tend to deal with it by accepting I have people and responsibilities to take care of.

  5. Yeah but I remembered how I felt when my friend died in a car accident and I decided I’d rather spend 40 years if I’m lucky making people around me happy than waste that time and just make people sad

  6. All the fuckin time (Please do not spam me with those “Someone on Reddit is worried about you” things, im not going to do it)

    Ive literally been alive on pure “I wanna see how the Destiny Story ends” for the last 2 years. When thats done, i’ll find somethjng else…

  7. A LOT when I was a teenager, not really as often as an adult. In the end, no matter how much my mind may try to bully me, I know I got a good support system and great friends that are there for me, should I ever need them. Life is a highway

  8. Yes. Too many people get left behind felling guilt and regret. People need you, even if it doesn’t seem like it all the time. And, hope for the future. Don’t give up hope that things can get better.

  9. Once when I was a teenager. I royally fucked up, I stole from my parents, wrecked my dads truck and got arrested for driving without a license. I was an excessively horny and dumb 14 year old. I was sitting in the jail cell waiting for my parents to pick me up and thought it was my only option. I haven’t ever considered it since then. Life is precious and I spend all my effort rejecting negative thoughts, and focusing on the good things in life.

  10. Sometimes you sit with the same thought for years, almost romanticizing what it’s like on the other side but also being scared shitless at the same time so you never actually do anything about it.

    Thought about it the other day. I’ve only thought about HOW to do it a few times.

  11. Yes. I grabbed a bible in utter desperation and looked in the index under suicide and one verse saved me in that moment. I’m not religious. I’ve never been. But I’ll never forget it.

  12. I’ve thought about it a lot, suicide just seems too hard and risky without a gun so I’m just trapped in this hell life till a natural end, binge drinking now to try and speed it up and numb myself a bit.

  13. Every day. I try my very best to focus on the positives, however small and, if I’m unable to, keep myself safe while I’m feeling very low. I’ve been clean from SH for years now so there’s definitely been improvement

  14. Yeah a lot of times, less so as I’ve grown older. The best way I have dealt with it is finding healthy ways to express those negative emotions such as music, music has saved my life as corny as it sounds its true, and while it might not be music for you, try to find a way you can pour your heart out. Be it writing, drawing, crafting. hiking, photography talking to a friend/family member and just getting stuff on your chest, etc, don’t keep it to yourself. Life is too hard to carry everything alone. Keep pushing through, I really thought my life would never get better, but I stuck around to see if it would and it did, and I think you should too 🙂

  15. I suffered with undiagnosed BPD and Asperger’s until I was 20 and got medication and therapy. Many times it wasn’t just considering it, I just failed to do it well enough to not be able to try again. A good therapist and proper medication and diagnosis can go a long way and it’s never a bad thing to need and ask for help.

  16. Absolutely and for many years. I was lucky to have benefits that covered a psychologist and a mindfulness program. It changed my life for the best.

  17. Tried it thrice. Failed all attempts. The fourth try was interrupted by a friend who wanted to know something about a game.
    Years later I had a friend. She successfully committed suicide. It hurt so much, it made me unable to even think about taking my own life. When I try to think about it, my mind just goes blank.

  18. Yes. The depression was so overwhelming that I felt like I had become the hole of despair I was in and saw no way out of. I od’d on antidepressants but told someone at the last minute. Stomach pumped, charcoal swallowed and a 2 month psych stay and I was somewhat better. That was 36 years ago. I still go to therapy and take my meds. I have a semicolon tattoo on my right wrist to remind me whenever I feel down that nothing is THAT bad. On a more morbid note, whenever anyone mentions suicide I joke I’ve been there, done that and got the tattoo.

  19. Often, I deal with it like my other emotions.

    Put it in a jar and burry it deep down. It’ll resurface eventually, but that’s a problem for future me. Also I bought a motorcycle.

  20. When I’m having suicidal thoughts I reach out usually to my mama or friends, i usually won’t mention suicide but I’ll talk about things that got me down, if I am *inclined* to act I lock myself to my bed (metaphorically but kinda literally). I would call in sick if I had to but I would take 24/h in bed to “reset” and eventually the motivation to act would pass, this had saved my life numerous times because it always passed and I’m happy to be alive now.

  21. I went through this phase a couple of years ago.

    Basically, I reasoned that since we know nothing about the afterlife, there are four outcomes:

    1. The afterlife is worse than this life (suicide is pointless).

    2. The afterlife is the same as this life (suicide is pointless).

    3. The afterlife is better than this life (suicide would work).

    4. Some other afterlife that’s literally impossible to conceptualize (IDK?)

    So suicide had a 1/4 chance of solving my problems, a 2/4 chance of making them worse, and a 1/4 chance IDK what.

    With this reasoning, I realized that I wouldn’t take those odds. I’d rather enjoy my time here and die naturally. These thoughts rarely come up anymore—I’ve thought about it A LOT; I wouldn’t have even taken a 50/50 chance—and I’m doing much better now.

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