Have you ever died in a dream? If so, how?

Have you ever died in a dream? If so, how?

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  1. Yes. My friend drilled a hole in my head and I entered the body of another person. We did this multiple times, so we could steal all of their belongings. It was painful at first but I got use to it.

  2. I was driving on the highway, then in the distance a large bomb went off in the city, shrapnel flew off and hit my car then everything went black. I stayed in the blackness for a while before I woke up, I remember thinking “why am I not feeling pain, this is peaceful, I want it to stay like this” and from that day on think that’s how I’m gonna die, like a premonition of sorts

  3. Pulled down stairs while playing tag and i believe it broke my face in. Also I had another dream where is was in a minecraft style game, and whenever I respawned, i almost instantly died. Whenever i died, i would see a minecraft sign saying (my name) was killed by Unknown💀. Then in between respawns i played a mini building game, plus i could hear my brothers voice. At the time i just found out about Slenderman so i assumed it was him killing my since the place i spawned in was a forest.

  4. Got shot in the chest with a shotgun and got to see through myself before the dream blacked out in one. In another I was making out with a girlie who went full werewolf and tore my head off, looked at her and my headless body before that dream blanked out.

  5. A few nights ago I was shot. I’ve been stabbed, burned alive, car wreck, drowned, eaten by a bear, electrocuted, poisoned, strangled, stung by thousands of wasps, and craziest one of all was chased by the Devil and he ate me.

  6. Impaled through the chest: Being impaled was really peaceful as my heart stopped… Felt so calm, content, at-ease, and still. I think about it sometimes since I haven’t felt that peaceful, awake or asleep, since then

    Disintegrated in a nuke: Intense burning, blinding light, skin melting, and then woke up

    Crushed by debris: claustrophobic.

    Drowned: desperate, flailing, heart racing and woke up when I punched the wall in my sleep next to my bed and hurt my hand

    Falling: the classic, almost everyone has had this one… But I rarely get woken up by falling in dreams anymore

  7. I’ve been shot, run over, gotten in car accidents but I never die because I know it’s a dream.

    I had one dream where I was humanely euthanized via lethal injection (like at the vet). I died, but my brain didn’t. I was just stuck in the body in darkness and just my mind. This is the only dream I’ve had where I didn’t know it was a dream and I legit freaked myself awake.

  8. Multiple times.

    – Broke my nose badly and bled out (I was 10-11 so this was a real fear at the time).
    – Died from a disease of some kind laying in bed. It was a weird one.
    – Was shot
    – Was stabbed

  9. Choked to death when I woke up I swear I still felt it and I couldn’t tell I was awake as all I saw was black since my rooms dark scared the fuck outta me

  10. Drowned and went to hell…the hell was just the gym though, idk what to make of that other than I’m a lazy pos

    Other one I remember was driving off a bridge. Ended up floating above myself and the car wreck. That one freaked me out more just cause car accident one is more realistic and I was freaking out it was a premonition or something

  11. I was running from the cops with my best friend and Bruce Willis. Bruce decided to cut me out of the loot. He shot me in the back of the head, everything slowly faded to black/red and I woke up. Had this dream 20 something years ago and I still think about it all the time.

  12. I was driving with my dad in a truck, he was driving and i was in the right back seat. Suddenly my dad sees a man waving for him to stop (hitchhiking prob) it was a mexican man with a cowboy hat, plad shirt, baggy jeans and some dusty cowboy boots. It wasn’t till we pulled up and my dad rolled down the rught passenger window when the man pulls out a gun, shoots my dad then shoots me

  13. Dreamt that a plane crashed on me during an air show then during the same dream right after that I woke up and saw something on tv about that happening to someone

  14. When I was suicidal I used to infrequently have a recurring dream where I was in a dank, yellowish, industrial hallway and this guy at the end had a bat. He would walk towards me, I can’t remember if I would move or not, but he’d always catch me and just start swinging. He’d hit me to the ground and just keep going.

    Halfway through one of the swings I’d look up to see his face. It was me. The other me wasn’t _enjoying_ it but I think you could make out a faint smirk and the “original” me was never screaming or even scared, I kind of “accepted” it was happening but not outright surrendering.

    This was years ago now and I’m doing much better 🙂

  15. Falling off a building in newyork because I was cleaning the windows, but some random reason I feel down, snowboarding crash (huge crash) I was going so fucking fast and was going up a ramp and for some reason there was some snow with me in the air that made me lose balance so the board would get off my feet and when I landed in the snow it hurt ( I could actually feel the pain ) but not only that the snow board / snow was gonna land somewhere too, right? BOOM! I legit got knocked out and I remember not being able to move and trying to in the dream and I just slowly clossed my eyes and I remember it took a long ass time for me to wake up AND when I did I had a huuugge fucking pain in my head where I was hit and I was soo dizzy like I was actually knocked out, almost cried

  16. My dreams are randomly combined lore of different video games and movies so I’m never in the dream, I’m just watching the battles.

    The closest thing to me dying in a dream is when it’s in 1st person. But the person or whatever never dies. Not even a blade through the heart works.

  17. IT IS MY TIME!!! I will recite the whole dream…

    aight so I was at my godmothers house and i was for some reason like 2”3 and there was a serial killer that broke in and i ran while dragging my sister. i brought her in my moms car. i drove away somehow with my 2”3 ass and i was driving pretty fast and i ran something over. i thought it was a deer but it was a person. i couldn’t see who so i left cuz i don’t wanna get arrested so i left and i went to a 7 11. i grabbed a pack of gum and it costed i forgot but i never had money. so i traded my sister. as i drove away, i hear a thunk from the trunk. i go and see what it was. it was my brother in the trunk. i asked him what the hell is he doing in the trunk. he said well you ran me over so i just climbed in the trunk as you drove away. so now i drive to my grandmas house and plot twist MY GRANDMA WAS THE SERIAL KILLER. so i run but she grabs my leg and i throw the nearest thing… my brother ;). i get away and drive to my house finally to greet my dog and he was STARVING. i had no food around so i gave him the gum i sold my sister for. he blows a bubble somehow and it got so big it surrounded him and flew him away. as i was chasing him i ran down the stairs and slipped. i hit my head and died.

  18. not in a dream but once i was almost dying, systems sghutting down

    then a circuit flipped on, emergency life support system

    a bunch of maths started playing out in my mind, complicated and hyper focussed in, just all of a sudden

    baddabing badda boom, i didnt die that day

  19. Like some videogame mechanics. Otherwise I’m immortal

    Once the game was “dead by daylight” (I don’t play it), I’m telekinetically lifted and moved into “a kitchen”, where, I think, my scalp is taken (I’m put on my knees). There was something salty in my mouth, maybe it was supposed to be blood.

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