Have you ever gone nude in front of your friends? What was it like?

Have you ever gone nude in front of your friends? What was it like?

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  1. I live in Finland, a country where nudity isn’t a big thing. Whenever we go to the sauna together, if we are not going swimming, we are always butt naked. It’s really not a big thing here.

  2. It’s a frequent thing for me. I’m a home nudist, so anytime they come by I’m already like this. The first time this happened they were a little startled; but when I just acted like I normally do they just went with it. The funny thing is that it seems I’m rubbing off on them as some are starting to be a bit more nonchalant about what they wear when they are at my place or if I’m the only one over at their place.

  3. Just moved in with my roomates who I’ve known for years and im coming home from work and one of them comes running out thinking im her fiancé and was gonna help him carry in some stuff but it was me and she didn’t have clothes on so she quickly retreated to her room to change. We still joke about it so it was just a harmless mistake

  4. A group of us played strip Never Have I Ever at a friend’s apartment. It was…awkward, but funny. Mostly nbd…until one girl showed up late and completely flipped out. We all immediately clothed and tried to calm her down. She had basically gone through some traumatic shit the year before and this all dredged up memories from it. We all felt terrible, but just moved on like nothing happened.

  5. Junior year summer.

    Me and my 5 friends 3 guys 3 girls went skinny dipping.

    I chased my friend down the street ass naked running as wide legged as I could

  6. On vacation with friends, guys ditched me to go smoke weed so I went with my SO and theirs to a communal nude spa. It was great even though I had to stay in the water sometimes longer than I wanted to.

  7. Yes, many times, mostly for swimming purposes. Whenever we went down to the river to swim and hang out, we’d pretty much just strip down for the afternoon. No biggie

  8. Yup. Swimming, saunas, changing clothes, “holy fuck this heat wave sucks, let’s all just agree to put some towels on the couch”, etc. And after I had a kid, pretty much everyone I know has seen my boobs because of breastfeeding.

    Everyone’s got a body, it’s really not a big deal.

  9. i have gone nude in front of all my friends. i don’t care who sees me change and they don’t care either. none of them look at me inna romantic or sexual way so it’s not a problem

  10. If you ever played sports in High school or College it happens in the locker room. Honestly you get use to changing and showering with team mates. Majority of them turn out to be life long friends.

  11. Course. One of the side effects of being best friends with my best friend is that we both know what each other’s asshole, dick n balls in great detail. Alcohol is a hell of a drug.

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