Have you ever had a family member crazy addicted to a video game and if so, What’s the story?

Have you ever had a family member crazy addicted to a video game and if so, What’s the story?

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  1. My mother is straight up addicted to Pokemon Go. It got so bad that she ran over a curb one night because her stupid ass was playing while driving. Even after that, I had to make her promise me (which she resisted) to at least not play in the car. As a “compromise”, I have to play for her whenever I hitch a ride with her. She’s literally in her 50’s and I feel like I’m dealing with a dumbass teenager who won’t put their phone down for their own safety.

  2. This was me with Everquest. It became my reality at some points, really full on. Took me years to realise I’ll never have the same reaction to a game, and longer to realise why that’s unhealthy in the first place.

    I still miss the feeling of inhabiting a different world, but this one’s ok too, I guess 😜

  3. I was twice in my life. World of Warcraft end of BC and Wrath absolutely consumed all my free time as an early teen. I’d stay up all night, my dad would wake up for work. I’d pretend to sleep until he left and get up and keep playing.

    The other time was league years later. Spent way too much time hating every second of gaming with that game.

  4. 20 years ago I got my dream job making a video game. I was head of the art department and hired out 3 other artist on my team. There where programs and sound guys. The owner was gave himself leadership titles. It was rough at times, but a year in there was progress.

    Then the boss got into Asheron’s call. He bought copies for almost everyone and we played together. He officially allowed us Fridays off to play. He, the VP, and most of the programmers started playing day and night. You could hear them log in and out to “just raid crates” but it pretty much killed anything from happening for months. I left, because I knew it was never coming back for the startup.

    The boss kept paying the bills for another year. In that time his girlfriend left him. The game was never released and he ended up with absolutely nothing. He was still playing. It’s estimated that with equipment, rent, furniture and salary he blew $6 million in 2 years.

  5. My brother was nearly killed by a dog when he was 3. My family sued the owners and got him a structured settlement. From ages 18-30 he was supposed to get about $50,000 each year. Well by age 24 he had wasted all of it. He sold the future payments to “get cash now” and spent all the money on in-game cosmetics. It wasn’t just one game, which made it worse. Every two weeks a new game, he’d buy everything in the cash shop, then move on. Over and over.

    We tried everything we could think of. I’m the younger sibling and my whole childhood was just spent on my parents trying to stop my brother from wasting all his money. We took him to tons of therapy, put in him rehab camps, tried taking away internet, whatever. Nothing worked.

    He’s in his 30s now, has no savings, and has massive debt. He’s gotten better but still isn’t fully cured. Sadly there aren’t many programs to help this kind of addiction. He turned 18 in like 2008 so it was even worse back then, at the time people barely understood how he was spending all the money. Really sad story.

  6. Fifa ultimate team was it for me. Luckily I recognized after spending $200 dollars over 2 months on stupid packs that it was getting addictive. Had to completely give up on the game to kick the habit.

    I feel bad for younger kids who’s brains are not developed enough to recognize the addiction and stop.

  7. That was me.

    – I lost a friendship as a kid because I was constantly going over to his house to ask to play his Atari system.

    – My sister bought a used NES and I went into her room to play it so often that she got fed up and gave it to me so I’d stop going into her room.

    – In college, I got so hooked on Heroes Of Might & Magic 1 that a friend had on his PC that I’d skip classes so I could play it while he was out.

    – I’ve taken work vacations just to play new WoW expansions when they came out.

    I’m not as bad now as I used to be, but sometimes a game still gets under my skin and I play the shit out of it. Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands was the most recent one.

  8. In India The Craze of PUBG was so much that we had atleast one Crazy Story we knew. Personally.

    It caused a complete personality Change to my Cousin . A man full of energy became addicted to his phone and didn’t talk to people anymore.

  9. When I was in high school, my mom and her boyfriend at the time got totally addicted to this free to play Diabloesque RPG with MMORPG elements called Conquer Online. They played it non stop and met players from all over the world, but one player from Russia in particular, with a username I don’t remember, but it translated to something along the lines of “Big Bear” from Russian, was very good at the game and very knowledgeable and helpful and would give them free items and character progression advice. It got to the point where they were interacting online outside of the game. At some point, this guy tells my mom a sob story about how he’s poor and needs money for his sick mother and blah blah and she fell for it hook line and sinker and sent him a couple thousand dollars that she obviously never got back. That incident was enough of a slap in the face for me to be able to talk some sense into her, as I myself had been addicted to several games over the years, but never to the point of falling for a scam. I don’t think they ever played the game again, but I’m pretty sure Conquer Online is still up and running to this day.

  10. My father is adficted to video games. My mother and him always have fights about this, and its painful to see. He is a good person, and he is not that addicted, but sometimes he lies about working not to spend time with family to play video games. I would do anything to get him out of this, like ANYTHING

  11. Sure you bet. My brother, my cousin, and at one point myself lol. When I was 15 I was addicted to World Of Warcraft. I did nothing but play it all day everyday. I was ignoring my family for the game. I even wrote a report in health class about online gaming addiction from my experience knowing how addicted I was to the game. My teacher said it was the best report in the class! My brother got offended by that since he’s a gamer and an addict himself, and said online gaming addiction wasn’t real, and threw my report away after my mom hung it on our fridge. I eventually kicked the addiction to WOW when I turned 18 and now at 25 I can control myself when it comes to video games.


    Then you got my brother whos 28 and still addicted to video games. But better than he was when he was younger.

    And my cousin who I know has lied to me in the past about being busy for whatever reason, to play video games with his friends instead of me. He was addicted big time to Overwatch a few years ago. But like me he has gotten better now that he’s an adult.

    All 3 of us were super huge gamer addicts at one point, but got better when we got older. I’m glad none of us ended up being pro lazy gamers for life though. The kind that refuse to do anything else and don’t work or do anything with their family because all they want to do is game.

  12. I knew someone, and told him straight up, Steam records your play time. When you have 1000+ hours in a few games, and that doesn’t even count minecraft that is probably 5x more, you gotta consider getting rid of the gaming pc. That bastard in the mirror gave away my pc and I’m still bitter about.

  13. When I played World of Warcraft back during the Classic days, I was obsessed with PVP. I would play an average of 18 hours a day on battleground weekends and probably around 8-10 on regular days, though that level of play was only for a few months during the summer so it wasn’t sustained long-term.

    I probably averaged 4-6 hours a day during my entire four-year stint of regularly playing. It probably would’ve been more hours a day for longer if the PVP system hadn’t started focusing so much on arenas instead of battlegrounds.

  14. I was such a big fan of the first read dead redemption that when the second one came out it’s literally all I did for a week, as soon as I was home from work I’d jump on it and play it until like 3-4 in the morning sometimes I wouldn’t even eat lol

    I probably would’ve done the same with elden ring and gotten away with it too, if it wasn’t for my meddling gf.

  15. My cousin is so addicted he stole money from my aunt for in-game purchases. That money was supposed to go towards his college costs; turns out he was never actually attending college.

  16. When I was a kid myMum would play her computer everyday. As I got older I realise how addicted she was, she’d get home and jump on her computer to play online games with her friends over Skype, wouldn’t shower after she got home just jumped in her chair started smoking a durrie and stared at her screen typing from like 3:30pm until around 2 am and I’d struggle waking her to take my brother and I to school. I don’t think she ever changed although I don’t see her very often.

  17. Positive story

    My older brother with destiny 2. He got so good the game developers would send him pre release stuff to test out.

    He still lives a normal life, he goes to work, looks after siblings, gets out the house.

  18. Me, I was in a super depressive state and housebound for almost 8months, couldn’t sleep at all, I remember COD: Black Ops 2 I think it was and I master presaged it in just over course of 4days, I was non stop playing, game after game, i took 45min breaks every 5hours or so.

    Never again,

  19. Yes my uncle loves Elden ring, whenever he comes over to my house he’s always telling me all the spots to level up fast but I want to experience it the way I want to, he also asks me if I beaten certain bosses like no I don’t play the game enough cause it takes too much time to get into yes it’s a good game and all but I can’t play for more than an hour before getting off it gets repetitive after awhile, he pulls all nighters probably when it’s the weekend playing the game, he got my other uncle the busy one into it and he plays it rarely because he works overtime unlike my Elden ring fanatic uncle. Anyone else have a similar situation?

  20. When I was in college back in 2009, I was addicted to WoW terribly. I was going to bed way early in the morning, not studying, and I started to fail. It’s pretty gross now to think I had thousands of hours on different alts. Once I quit playing WoW my grades got better and I graduated to my surprise. Lol.

  21. I bought for my little brother Final fantasy VIII for his birthday and he totally got hooked on it ! Sadly one of the game disk broke, so when I found the game again, I bought it for him again aha he was overjoyed.

  22. Many years ago I was 16 and addicted to a text based RPG. Looking back it sounds crazy but at the time I was fully engaged in it and would skip meeting with friends and all that just to play more of the game

  23. My brother has nightmares every night involving him screaming that he’s seeing all of these characters from whatever game he plays and then when he wakes up he plays them again

  24. My dad used to play Sim City Deluxe, so I bought him Cities: Skylines with all DLC’s for a birthday. He was playing on my PC. 10 hours a day.
    One night I woke up and went for a pee and came back to my dad, naked, playing.
    He looked at me and said “I had an idea for streets and couldn’t sleep.”

  25. My play time in Titan Quest: Immortal Throne is currently sitting at around 26,280 hours which is about 3 years, which means I’ve played Titan Quest: Immortal Throne for 1/5th of my life

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