Hi Reddit – Which book changed your life?

Hi Reddit – Which book changed your life?

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  1. In seventh grade, I was your typical “Books r dum” jerkoff idiot kid.

    Then I read Jurassic Park.

    Now I read a book a week or more. That book cracked my imagination wide open.

  2. Lmao I read this whole series on my mom’s recommendation, and the first thing she told me was “its great historical fiction but just skip over the porny parts”.

    I was twelve. I did, in fact, read the porny parts. Kept a copy of the second book under my bed until I was sixteen JUST for Alya/Jondalar’s “first time” scene

  3. Stephen King’s Pet Sematary. Read it in forth grade after complaining that the Goosebump books weren’t scary enough for me. My mom recommended it, and then bought it for my birthday. I read it over the span over three days. Turned into a die hard Stephen King fan (still am) and it really sparked my interest in writing.

  4. Looking Glass Girl. Not sure why, but it gave me a wake up call that I was in a toxic and abusive friendship and it was probably causing the suicidal thoughts.

  5. Mick Harte Was Here
    I read it for the first time just before my grandfather died. It helped me learn to cope with death and to learn that it’s okay to grieve differently than everyone else.

  6. Man’s search for meaning by Viktor Frankl.

    It goes into the most brutal conditions a person can experience (nazi concentration camp), and how they can find meaning and reason to keep living. It provides evidence that people are resilient and that there is always something to look for even when all hope appears lost.

    It really altered my world view and helped me live more thoroughly in the moment. It made me appreciate what I have. We aren’t truly happy when we have everything we want. We are truly happy when we want everything that we already have.

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