Historians of Reddit, who’s the strangest person in history?

Historians of Reddit, who’s the strangest person in history?

What do you think?

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  1. We have to pick one!?!?! Seriously, I majored in history and I’m struggling.

    Maybe Major Allison Digby Tatham-Warter? He brought an umbrella as a weapon to the beaches of Normandy and later fought a tank brigade with it.

    Or Diogenes if you want to look at the classics. Guy lived in a barrel and literally crapped wherever he pleased… even on Plato’s stool.

    Or Tarrare who was basically a living avatar of the sin of gluttony.

  2. I guess Nikola Tesla was quite a character. I’m sure there were also some kings and dukes that were pretty strange. But this is a difficult question to answer for me because it’s not something Historians actually talk or write about. It’s something that history buffs (i.e. laypeople) love to read about but in the academic field of History, we don’t really concern ourselves with individuals because that’s a very outdated way of doing History and for the most part, it doesn’t really get you anywhere.

  3. Monsieur Chouchani comes to mind.

    Monsieur Chouchani (French pronunciation: ​[məsjø ʃuʃani]; Hebrew: מר שושני; January 9, 1895 – January 26, 1968), or “Shushani,” is the nickname of an otherwise anonymous and enigmatic Jewish teacher with students in the land of Israel, South America, post-World War II Europe, and elsewhere, including Emmanuel Levinas and Elie Wiesel.



    William Milliken Vanderbilt Kingsland,

    They found millions in stolen art in his apartment when he passed

    His name was an invention.


  4. William Mackenzie King (PM of Canada in the 1930s or 40s I believe). weird dude, he spoke to spirits and stuff

    Look it up, I’m not remembering everything rn

  5. Tzar Catherine the Great, she’s speculated to have died by a horse crushing her to death when the pulley system failed. Allegedly she was trying to have intercourse with it.

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