How are you? Times are tough, but hang in there! Stress and anxiety is awful, but this post is a friendly environment to talk. Tell us what is bugging you, and hopefully we can make your day better. So, how are you feeling?

How are you? Times are tough, but hang in there! Stress and anxiety is awful, but this post is a friendly environment to talk. Tell us what is bugging you, and hopefully we can make your day better. So, how are you feeling?

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  1. Overwhelmed. My kitten is dealing with tough health issues and the vet bills are crazy. Ive had him since he was 2 days old and it kills me to see him not acting like his normal goofy self. I’m waiting to hear back from the vet about his test results. All I can do for now is hold him while he sleeps off a fever.

  2. I really want to ask someone to a dance, but I’m terrified it will ruin our friendship if he doesn’t like me back. I’m afraid he wouldn’t like being around a girl he knows has a crush on him….

  3. I’m doing okay. I think I might be dealing with undiagnosed bipolar disorder or some other disorders (I Don’t wanna diagnose my self or anything) but setting everything up with the pandemic was just so difficult just never worked out. I’ve realized I might need help I can’t do this on my own so that’s a good first step right? Thank you op for listening. Have a good day everyone, as one human to another I love you all be safe.

  4. Tired. Been at work since 6am. Currently a little after 7pm with another 30ish minutes to go. Then back at 6am tomorrow. Nothing really bugging me though. Yourself?

  5. Have been looking a few years back and wodering when I’ve become so apathetic. My friend pointed it out a few days ago and I’m reminding myself of the few times when my family used to point that out too. Also wondering if it’s a psychological or neurological problem. I guess it doesn’t matter what problem it is. Whether it is problem with me or with my body: I don’t want be crippled for the rest of my life just because I didn’t do anything.

  6. This last 7 days or so have been a bit weird. Going to my mate’s 30th party on Saturday made me realise how much more closed off and reclusive the last 18 months have made me. I’ve never been great at mixing and meeting new people, but at least before everything kicked off last year, I had that capability after a couple of drinks. Spent most of the night with my best mate sat at a table off to the side because we felt like the odd ones out there. Left me feeling like shit because my mate felt bad for me feeling like a square peg trying to fit in a round hole.

    Then spent most of this week getting stressed out at work over the most stupid shit. Honestly the most infantile things seemed to get under my skin. What’s even worse is I’ve been going home feeling like shit and got myself stuck in a bit of a rut.

  7. Had some minor stuff that bothered me in the last few days, left a lot unfinished, didn’t sleep as much as i needed, this week was a mess, but it seems its getting better

  8. I feel like I’m a failure, no matter what I do I can never feel like I did something successfully, and on top of that I’m just not happy like ever, I’m either depressed af or bored of everything, I just feel so shitty and the worst part is that I have no one to talk to about it

  9. I’m back at college at 26 and suffer from CPTSD. I feel like a kid trying to play with the adults. There are eighteen-year-olds with their heads more screwed on than me. I talk to someone and they look past me and cut me off to talk to the person behind me. It makes me feel invisible and unwanted. I can’t relate to 90% of the things people talk about. I get the feeling people are aware I’m there, but they wish I wasn’t. I’m on the periphery. I feel like an anomaly in so many ways – socially, sexually, physically, mentally

    Whew. I sound like a whiny bitch but god it feels good to type it out and throw it out into the void.

  10. Not okay. Really overwhelmed. Its been one year since the “justice” system let my abuser go invalidating everything he did to me. I am in the family court having to negotiate with him about our children. See in Victoria and NSW if I were to stay with him the state would remove the children for their protection, yet separated the family court believes it is on the children’s best interests to have him in their lives *make it make sense?!*

    After 20 years and conversion therapy and foster care because my parents didn’t want me, I have finally started testosterone, only to be forced to stop because I may have had a stroke during the trial against my abuser.

    I am broke but I can’t get a job because I have PTSD from the abuse my ex inflicted and I just don’t have the capacity to work, so I feel inadequate.

    Yesterday I found out I was a close contact to a covid positive case and I have to isolate, I am double vaxxed but my throat has been crazy sore and I am frightened.

    Its all too much right now. No, I don’t have anyone to talk to so I am dealing with it all on my own. I will be okay but just not right now.

    Thanks for listening.

  11. I have such a high libido but my SO doesn’t, and I’m okay to sort myself out and I try to hide it because anytime I’ve brought it they listen to me, then they spin it around saying that’s all I care about.

    We clearly love each other but… Eugh it feels like a mine field which almost sours everything

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