how can a person lose weight without hitting the gym?

how can a person lose weight without hitting the gym?

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  1. Intermittent fasting helps the most. I skip breakfast and lunch, then completely gorge out at dinner (still has to be relatively healthy food though). We have dinner a bit earlier than most.

    But, if you want to lose weight faster… Start making smoothies with kefir, probiotic and fiber supplements. Use kale, berries, and do not add any sugar. Drink LOTS of water throughout the day (best if you chop up cucumber and let it infuse in water so you don’t get an electrolyte deficit).

    You will drop the creature from the black lagoon off in the oval office multiple times a day and wonder where the hell it came from. I almost pulled a Randy Marsh the first day after I started making those smoothies.

  2. Proper diet and daily physical activity.

    Doesn’t have to be working out in a gym. Could be as simple as taking a walk around the block every day or using the stairs more often

  3. here are the rules. You lose weight in the kitchen, you build muscle with weights, and you build endurance with cardio. If you look at it that way it simplifies things and allows you to make better decisions. Do all three contribute to all three? YES! But this reductionist view will help you prioritize.

  4. Easy ways… drink a big glass of water before every meal. Exercise, it doesn’t have to be the gym, or strict, put your favourite music on and dance your heart out, air guitar, anything as long as it gets you moving and your heartrate up, you will lose weight with the increased movement and will have a good time whilst doing it.

  5. eating below you calorie range. you can calculate your caloric need online with your current height, weight, how much daily regular exercise (things like normal walking) humans burn a certain amount of calories each day, therefore if you stay below your caloric needs than you will lose weight. if you want to to increase the amount of calories you eat with still losing weight than try to incorporate some more exercise like walking. healthy foods are lower in calories and will help you lose weight, and still stay full. don’t waste all your calories per day eating pizza, soda, and candy because you won’t feel full.

  6. If you don’t like the gym setting:

    Walking, hiking, running, swimming, cycling can all be done outside a traditional gym setting. Plus, you’d be pretty much on your own: enjoy the solitude, set your own pace.

    If you can’t do the exercise thing:

    Take a careful look at your diet. Even minor deletions/substitutions can change your weight.

    Either way:

    Drink more water. Clinical studies have proven that lots of people mistake thirst for hunger, so try drinking water first and wait a little while. If your stomach stops rumbling, you’re all set. If your stomach is still rumbling after a while, then eat.

  7. Eat less calories. This one is obvious but the method of *how* to eat less is the hard part. It’s finding foods you enjoy that are still filling but lower in calories.

    Go on walks. Doesn’t have to be fast or intense. But if you go out regularly it adds up.

    Drink water. This may seem a little counter productive at first as water weight is a huge amount of your body’s weight. But your metabolism functions better if your body is hydrated. So keeping up the water intake will also cause your body to burn off other weight.

    Making small but consistent adjustments to these three things can make a huge difference. Always remember, with weight loss it isn’t about getting weight down fast. Losing lots of weight and gaining it back again when you fail to keep up the lifestyle can be worse for your heart and other organs than if you had just stayed with your normal lifestyle. Sustainability is key. Start small and gradually work towards change over time.

  8. It’s very easy bro. First of all, you can do all kinds of bodyweight exercises, like pushups, pullups, situps, squats, calf raises, walking, jogging, and many more with a simple pair of dumbells, or a resistance band.

    Second, depending on how much you eat and weight, you can either maintain your diet, or decrease it to feel the difference. One thing that’s important though, you do not want to feel hungry all the time, so be aure to eat enough to feel satiated, so that it doesn’t feel like torture.

    How can you do that? Very basic! Eat vegetables with your food, eat popcorn, eat salad, but for example don’t drown your salad in dressing.

    There are more things you can do too. For me, these work. I remember I once went and got one these dietitians to write me a diet, and I just could not tolerate it. I was constantly hungry, and therefore; angry and snappy. I was going crazy, ao I gave that shit up.

    With roughly the same things that I mentioned, I’ve lost 15kgs in 15 months, and I’ve had whatever I’ve wanted, chocolate, sodas, chips, … . With that being said you mileage may vary because of genetics and shit, but it’ll work bro. It’ll work.

  9. Changing jobs. I went from sitting in an office all day to my new job which is concerige service at a corporate retreat. I’m on my feet all day. No food trucks down the street. No snacking. Drink water all day. Would not believe how much weight I lost.

  10. Balance what you eat with what you do. That involves some trial and error but measuring steps and calories for a little while can quickly give you enough info to guesstimate accurately enough, and not really worry too much about it in the future.

    Building muscle also helps since it tends to passively burn fat and therefore allow you to eat more/do less while maintaining the balance.

    But to really answer the question. Anything you can do at the gym, you can do in general. Climb rock walls, throw Frisbees, go for walks, row a boat or go kayaking. A pull-up bar is gym-adjacent, but you can treat it more like something you just use once in a while if you want.

    Surround yourself with gym-esque opportunities, and you’ll be casually losing weight easily. It won’t be dramatic but it can be very consistent.

  11. Eating less is a big one for sure. Cutting back on things like sugar and carbs are helpful as well. Also, try to do a bit of exercise, like going for a walk, or if can, do small amounts of reps of things like situps or pushups each day. Start with something like 2 or 3 a day, and build up from there when you feel comfortable.

  12. 1. Track your calories, depending on how much weight you want to lose, start to manage your intake around your loss goals:
    2. a pound of fat is 3500-4000 calories – the average US Male eats about 2,000 calories a day. So if you cut down to 1500 calories a day, you might lose a pound per week (give or take).
    3. Walk. You need to walk more than 20-30 minutes before your body starts tapping into fat reserves. Sign up for audiobooks or get hooked on a podcast and walk for an hour each day.
    4. Cut out soda, juice, and cheese – so many wasted calories.

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