How can you tell you are getting old?

How can you tell you are getting old?

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  1. My metric for getting old is this: how big a deal it is if you fall down.

    For example, babies, it’s borderline cute. Kids? Sure. Someone in their twenties? Oh no.

    Early thirties? Oh shit are you okay? You reach a point where it’s “should we call an ambulance?!?”

    The additional way it works is that it also lines with body-health; someone in fantastic shape in their forties can fall and laugh it off, but someone worn out and *physically* old, even at the same age, can fall and have it be a catastrophe.

  2. When I was playing Doom (1993) with my girlfriend, she kept making fun of the graphics or listening to music and being told to listen to something new while blasting Alice in Chains. Her cooch was decent, her taste was shit tho.

  3. Getting off the floor isn’t a quick event. Sometimes I sleep weird and wake up in pain, then I have to go see my osteo to make the pain go away. It’s a late night if I’m up past 10pm. I regularly google things the kids I work with say so I don’t look stupid when I don’t know what shit means. I could go on, but I won’t. Just know I’m old OK?

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