How come there have been more outrage & protests in America over kids wearing masks in schools compared to when school shootings occurred on a routine basis?

How come there have been more outrage & protests in America over kids wearing masks in schools compared to when school shootings occurred on a routine basis?

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  1. The more I learn about Americans the more I think they only care about themselves. Thats why they dont get socialism and stuff like that. Why have public healthcare? I am healthy! Why ban guns? My kids didnt get shot! But: oh no IIIII have to wear a mask … why do IIIII have to do that … IIIII dont wanna and my children shouldnt have to either.

  2. [School shootings have never occurred on a regular basis.](

    Read through this list and you will see that most reported “school shootings” are one or two person incidents between people on the grounds of a school.

    Columbine style active shooters scenarios are NOT commonplace and never have been.

    Its easy for someone from a state sized country to have difficulty resolving the scale of THIS country and the size of our population. [an overlay map illustrates that to encompass a similar geographic area its almost impossible to NOT intersect a warzone or a region of intense poverty](

    Most americans have never seen a gun fired anywhere but TV movies and video games.

  3. Because masks are an infringement, school shooting are a crime.

    Oh trust me the gun community immediately gets massively mad after shooting because it means they lose even more shit. Only because some dipshit shot up a school

  4. Because people know that mass shootings happen randomly, usually for psychological reasons and protesting will do nothing to change that, regarding masks; many people have lost faith in information, they believe most of what is mandated is for political reasons and they have completely lost faith in the ability of politicians to crate sensible policy. Some information say that kids very rarely get infected and have major issues while masks may or not create other problems, free to believe that or not.
    No one is preventing kids from wearing masks, they are free to do so, it is the mandates that are wearing out on people. Anyone can have their opinion on that. Main point, people don’t trust government or news anymore.

  5. 400 kids die a year from mass shootings, 80,000 people die from second hand smoke a year, many of which are kids.. School shootings just don’t register as much of a threat, its media propaganda.

  6. I’ll just quote a Simpsons character regarding the reason why a lot of people (particularly older men) don’t get get outraged over school shootings or abortion bans for that matter.

    And that quote is: “Am I so out of touch? No. It is the children who are wrong.”

  7. Because too many Americans have grown up to become “meeklings”, people who thanks to other people’s money enjoy the benefits of law enforcement, emergency services, military, and overall infrastructure without having had to fight for it.

    Thus they far more easily see relatively easy, stupid simple things like masking up as “tyranny” because they have nothing among their various participation trophies that they can truly call adverse circumstances.

  8. Think of it as a culling. Schools were getting crowded. If we lose a few to kids to gunshot wounds or covid we can achieve a better kid to teacher ratio. Its win win really, for the survivors anyway.

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