How did Alabama became famous for incest?

How did Alabama became famous for incest?

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  1. So when you aren’t part of the 1-5% how are you going to get farm hands?

    You can’t afford slaves, there’s nothing better to do in the winter, so they had a bunch of kids.

    Like 10+ kids.

    Your neighbors are your cousins and no one can afford to move.

    Stuff happens.

  2. By having rural communities that didn’t grow so no new people integrated into the gene pool. So marrying non blood family never became taboo.

  3. All of the deep south is famous for incest, and that’s kinda sorta based on fact, and not enough other cool things happened in those places like in say England so they didn’t get famous for anything else, it’s just Alabama has the best song written about it

  4. Because incest is associated with poor, undereducated, rural areas. Basically anywhere that’s seen as “backwards”. Alabama is located in the Appalachian mountain range, an area historically associated with poverty, low education, and overall being rural and “backwards”. Basically there are a lot of stereotypes about the South that make it easy to make fun of.

  5. It’s an ironic stereotype, since, for example, marrying one’s cousin is illegal throughout much of the south, but perfectly okay throughout most of the northeast.

    No idea where it comes from. I’ve lived in the south for nearly my entire life, and I’ve never met anyone who was openly incestuous.

  6. Because wealthier and more elitist parts of the country want to have someone to shit on.

    I’d say it’s probably a lot less common than among European royalty.

  7. It was never incest, it was hookworms.

    I grew up on long island and knew many incestuous couples. I now live in the south and have never seen an incestuous couple here.

  8. No fucking idea but I am curious. Hopefully our american bros can enlighten us uneducated europeans. That’s why I will be keeping a close eye to this thread.

  9. Lots of people enjoy making fun of rednecks. I suspect it started a bit after the civil war when all the carpetbaggers were run out and went home.

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