How did the nicest person you know turn into the complete opposite?

How did the nicest person you know turn into the complete opposite?

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  1. Turned out to be a liar, manipulator, verbal abuser, and overall terrible person. He also cheated on his current girlfriend and told out entire group it was ok.

  2. “Mental illness”. I don’t know why he became that ill but happened slow enough for me not to notice. He’s in prison now (as much as it hurts me seeing a friend there it was right choice by society), and I will never see him again. I just hope he isn’t tortured there and if he is will be allowed to choose the easier way out.

  3. A friend’s mom went from being the sweetest lady that wouldn’t hurt a fly to a weird, bitter and raging old woman lashing out at everyone around her and outright throwing tantrums. It first started out of jealousy because her grandchild (a toddler) wasn’t acting as close to her as to the other grandparents, and after that it was because nobody defended her when she acted out the way she did, and now is stubbornly causing TONS of issues and drama to my friend as I’m typing this now.

    Completely out of the left field.

  4. I used to work with an electronics associate. I received and sorted the electronics and we would confer on what needed to be set aside and locked up. Then he was promoted to the lowest managerial position and turned into a total asshole. Then after a few weeks he just disappeared. Don’t know if he was fired or lynched.

  5. They were constantly getting used and abused. After a while they got sick of it and decided it was more fun to be the predator than the prey…

  6. They gaslighted me. They made me believe I ruined the friendship but now that I look back I see clearly I see the truth. My mother was right, this person used me and ruined me.
    Listen to your mother kids.

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