How did wanting to save the god damned planet get politicized?

How did wanting to save the god damned planet get politicized?

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  1. When they fly private jets to climate change conferences, tell you to eat insects, not use AC, and that you will own nothing and be happy there is going to be some different views on this matter.

  2. Because the options are essentially “life more uncomfortably now for the long term gain of our species” vs “life very comfortably now, but have no future”

    Not everyone can agree on which one’s the best course of action. Many, many people would rather live comfortably now and leave an uninhabitable world for other people.

  3. The entire American Republican party opposes anything that the Democrats want to do. The Democrats have supported initiatives to help the planet, so Republicans oppose them. That’s…that’s it. That’s all there is to it. The modern political right has no policy positions, and their only goal is “stick it to the libs” and stay in power by any means necessary.

  4. Because it requires resources and the loss of them as well. The oil industry would take a hot with a great many other companies, and that hurts their bottom line.

  5. Because it’s sadly just like any other field of policy. There are a myriad of organisations and individuals who have an interest in upholding the status quo. A conflict of interest on a societal level is politics.

  6. Corporations paying off legislators to vote their way instead of in the best interests of the people they represent, and then convincing their constituents that everyone who calls them out for it is a liar.

  7. The evangelicals believe that the Rapture will only come when the Earth is already in deep shit trouble. Therefore, it is against their god’s will to save the Earth in any way, shape or form. Everyone who tries to save the Earth is therefore the enemy of the evangelicals and by extension, the enemy of their god (who they try to convince you is the God of the Bible). Since they have captured and perverted the Republican Party, everything that the evangelicals perceive as enemies are therefore enemies of the Republican Party. That is how it has become politicized.

    The evangelicals believe that after the Rapture, everyone left on Earth must suffer terribly. Reducing global climate change, or reducing pollution will therefore reduce the suffering of those Left Behind. Which is the name of the series of snuff porn that they idolize; a series of badly written books that turn suffering into masturbation for evangelicals.

    Additionally, many people got rich from plundering and destroying the world. Those people – with very few exceptions (such as George Soros) – are seen as the holiest people in America. Anything that would reduce the wealth of those “holy” people is seen as evil, whether that involves taxes or reducing the rate at which they destroy the Earth. You can see that attitude in the sort of remarks that Reagan said about taxes: *”why must our best people suffer so”*.

  8. Because there is money and power for doing and NOT doing it. Anything that involves money will always be, almost immediately, politicized.

  9. Unfortunately, no major political parties are serious about the climate crisis, so it really isn’t political. Even the ones who pay lip service to it come up with plans either too small or too far in the future to make a huge difference.

  10. Bots and trolls. Paid for by big oil. We ought to look into that..

    Aside from that, we’ve witnessed a cultural war between local communities and well.. anyone outside of their communities.

    They’ve been given a voice, and this is what they want to say – stay out. Even though they are the ones getting fucked over the most by the companies who employ them. And we’re the ones trying to tell them – again from the outside.

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