How did you beat pornography addiction?

How did you beat pornography addiction?

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  1. Talk to your friends about it. I was so scared but that was just giving it way more control over me. Turns out all of my friends struggle with the same thing, which helped me feel way less alone.

  2. Everyone here is trolling but I’ll give a real answer. I struggled with porn addiction and I knew of other people that struggled with it also. The common theme it seemed was that we all had a serious motivating factor to stop. I’m pretty strong willed but something about being able to do it in private, nobody else in the world knowing, and there not being a disruption to my daily life that made it impossible to quit. However once my partner started to feel hurt that I couldn’t finish with her then it gave me all the motivation and I stopped cold turkey. First few days were pretty hard but it was better after that

  3. I quit it when I leaned how fucked up porn industry is. It’s too shady. This made me realise that I was making the world worse by my addiction and decided to quit it for good. Also the you tube documentary [raised on porn]( also helped a lot. It’s hard for first few days but gets better. You just have to keep reminding yourself that you’re a good person who wants to see a better world and also a better you. All the best!!!

  4. I wish more young people could figure out how destructive porn can be. I’m old enough that it was tough to download porn when I was a young teen. With how fast the internet is now and the volume and extreme nature the porn that is available, I feel sorry for young people nowadays. It may not seem like a problem for them now, but wait until they have ED in their 20s. That crap can get screwed up. I try hard to avoid it.

  5. I can’t give advice as to how, but can give advice on what NOT to do.

    I tried the NoFap thing a few years ago, think I was about 26 at the time and went a month without wanking. What a horrible decision it was, I was constantly horny and my mind just kept imagining women maked. I was erect so many times & even women on ads on the tv were beginning to turn me on. So don’t try NoFap, in my opinion.

  6. It’s usually beat when I have a GF. So I believe itll be Completely gone when I have a wife. Being single it’s likely not to happen anytime soon…

  7. Like any other addiction. When you have an urge to indulge, resist for at least 15 minutes. Most of the time the urge will pass. You can also try distracting yourself with other tasks. Staying busy is a great way to stave off addiction. For this addiction in particular, cut out the porn itself and just fap without anything. Something that helped me quick smoking was reminding myself that I could be doing other shit. There are more constructive things you can be doing. Also, it might not be the healthiest way to do it, but being more ashamed of yourself might help, depending on what kind of personality you have.

  8. Every time I’d think about jerking off I’d jerk off, thus removing the need to jerk off.

    Some days are harder than others, sometimes gotta jerk it 9 or 10 times, but you do what you gotta do to beat it.

  9. Easy, I just finished watching all the porn. The story isn’t good enough for me to re-watch so, I’m cured.

    Jokes aside, porn addiction or compulsion is a serious issue for a lot of people. I uninstalled a bunch of apps off of my phone and used my router to block particular sites. I also talked to my partner about what my needs/wants were.

    The harder you make it to view porn the easier it is to avoid.

  10. I don’t have a porn addiction but I am absolutely of the best way to be a porn addiction is to watch shit that is absolutely disgusting that only even get you up Is. It is possible that you can develop a kink for it bit’s part of it but the more discussion the creepier it gets the better.

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