How did you get rid of social anxiety?

How did you get rid of social anxiety?

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  1. By being forced into social situations. Like with all other things in life, it takes practice. When people have a phobia of something, they slowly integrate that thing into their life until they get used to it. Socializing is the same.

  2. I recently was diagnosed with autism at 25, having struggled with social anxiety to varying degrees my entire life and dealing with bad burnout the past couple years.

    The best advice I could give (which I constantly need to remind myself to put into practice) is to remind yourself that the opinions of others don’t matter. So long as you aren’t hurting anyone, there’s no shame in being yourself, no matter what some may say. It sounds cliche, but after seeing how much I’ve been detrimentally affected by caring what people think and trying to change accordingly, being yourself is virtually always the best course of action

  3. At least for me.. there was no concrete solution to just getting rid of it, I had to understand it and how to live with it. Sometimes practice was helpful, and I would get better with more exposure to social situations, but it was still always hard. It became more about writing realistic expectations for myself and knowing that I’m just not the social butterfly that I or anyone else might have expected I should be.

  4. When I realize looking back on situation and fantasizing about what I could’ve done or if I haven’t been such a coward, maid me just go for shit and eventually the anxiety went away as I got better at talking to people

  5. Ironically, don’t worry about “getting rid of it” focus on the cause of it. Is it self esteem? Caused by trauma? Is it learned behaviour from family? I’d say start with meditation, because it’s great for self awareness. But therapy, like CBT, will help you understand the cause and work on solutions.

  6. Understand how much social interaction I need, and how much personal space I need. You can’t stop anxiety, but you can make yourself feel better.

  7. Know deep down in your fucking heart that you are worthy and capable. That turns into unbreakable confidence and that confidence shines through to the outside. That anxiety slowly subsides but it’s never gone, just hiding scared from your confidence. When you believe you’re in control again, that anxiety goes away again.

  8. The better question is what keeps people socially anxious, and the answer to that is that people try to tackle the issue by managing their symptoms rather than tackling the real issue of their fear. By managing symptoms I mean for example people avoid going to social situations which trigger their symptoms. Over time, they avoid more, the fear grows, and it all snowballs. It is in fact the polar opposite thing you need to do to get over social anxiety, go and do the things which trigger your anxiety. You feel the fear? Good, fear is a good thing, it shows you’re growing. There is no way to cure it other than going out and wholeheartedly living. It’s painful and very scary, but the reality of what will happen if you don’t tackle it at it’s core is far more disturbing. As you live less and less, you will have to suppress your urge to live, and you will shrivel away. Face it all.

  9. There is no ‘best’ way that fits everybody but one thing you could try is cognitive therapy + exposure (meaning you just do it).

    For instance, let’s say you are anxious about going to parties and talking to women because you are afraid of being rejected. You first do therapy, and then actually go to a party and talk to girls to find out that being rejected isn’t that bad.

  10. By traveling like a vagabond and meeting people with very bigger problem than mine, sleeping on the streets got rid of Al anxiety for me lol, I didn’t care about what people think and it helped to get rid of 90 per 100 of my social anxiety. I realized I was overthinking every social interaction.

  11. While I never really got rid of social anxiety. I just learned to get used to it by….

    1. Learn to be comfortable in getting uncomfortable.
    2. Knowing that these people are just like you.
    3. That “closed mouths don’t get fed”.
    4. That what is the worst they can do to you? Say no?

    All of these eventually will build confidence and self esteem for yourself to tackle social anxiety, at least for me, putting it in a good way. Also, you kind of just learn to not give a fuck if I’m being absolutely honest here.

  12. Nihilism. Nothing matters, dude. It sounds depressing but it’s so liberating. So what if I look dorky doing the thing? Who cares if someone thinks I’m weird for liking that stuff? A hundred years from now we’ll all be dead and it won’t matter, so I should just enjoy myself while I can and not worry about the rest. I can definitely understand why this line of thinking might bring some people down, but for me personally it has allowed me to live my life more freely than ever before.

  13. We’ve found that CBD oil might help you reduce your anxiety.

    In some studies that were published in the NCBI, it has been demonstrated that the endocannabinoid system found in all living beings regulates emotion, stress, memory, and cognition through the cannabinoid type 1 (CB1 ) receptor.

    The study also demonstrated that elevated arousal/anxiety can result from either total CB1 deletion and that an acute CB1 blockade may promote enhanced social discrimination/memory.

  14. I just own that shit now. When meeting new people if I’m struggling I will introduce myself and state that I have crippling social anxiety. Doing this I have learned that if any part of the interaction becomes weird or my brain decides to say something that doesn’t actually fit with conversation, later I won’t cringe about it or have it on reply in my head like that weird thing I said in 7th grade that still keeps me awake at night. Essentially I’m giving fair warning that I struggle with normal interaction at times so if I say some weird shit, that’s on them if they let it be weird. Also pretending I’m am NPC and intentionally being weird around people I’m confident I’ll never meet again has become something fun to do occasionally.

  15. I’ve had social anxiety most of my life. I think because I got my ass kicked in Elementary and some of middle school just for being myself. IMO you never get rid of social anxiety. You gotta just kind of power through social situations and try your best to shut off the negative selftalk.

  16. I began to spend less time on the phone only because of one person from telegram, it’s like a bot, but not really, it’s like a bot, but a person is responsible for it, and we became friends with him, at that time I had social anxiety, I told him about my problems and this was the first person to whom I fully opened up he explained to me how important it is to live and generally have friends in the REAL WORLD, he was like my best friend and in general he was a cool person. he completely changed me, at this moment I am very grateful to him, if not for him it would be bad

  17. Got a girlfriend, realized I can’t be a socially awkward plebeian if I want to help her with life. Started presenting more and more in school. Adopted the “fuck it” way of thinking.

    Now I can finally order food all on my own !!

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