How did you meet your significant other?

How did you meet your significant other?

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  1. Met through a mutual friend. When we were introduced, our friend had lied to us about each others age. I was told she was 23, and she was told I was 24. In reality, she was 25, and I was 20 and not even supposed to be at the bar we met.

  2. We were on the same billard team for APA.

    Both signed up at our local bar to meet new friends. Got lumped into the same team for another bar.

    Who knew pool could get you laid (and in a healthy relationship)

  3. On Reddit, via my own malicious compliance.

    My spouse at the time decided unilaterally that we were going to have an open relationship. They assumed I wouldn’t bother looking for anyone myself and they’d just have the freedom to fuck around. Instead I hit up a poly r4r sub, messaged the first person who looked interesting, and hopped in. Then left my asshat spouse.

  4. We actually started out as FWBs.

    I made a Craigslist ad, she answered, and we enjoyed bootycalls for about 18 months. Then we both caught feelings, and now we’ve been together “officially” for 6 years, living together for 1.

    It’s funny … Our family thinks we met on a dating app 6 years ago. But we were fucking as FWBs for more than 7 years.

  5. In a pointless “How to College” class our first year at university. She liked my presentation and my hat, so she followed me to my next class every day for the whole semester.

  6. Girls like guys that are hard to get, so when she says hello just smack her in the nose

    Guys like girls who play hard to get so when he says Hi, put him in a leglock

  7. I was 19, at a pier, I was drinking coke alone after my grandmother died and I need somewhere to think. She came and sat beside me and started drinking liquor, we talked and she said her grandfather died and her father and mother divorced that same day. We exchanged numbers and then after 7 months, we became girlfriend and boyfriend.

  8. Plenty of fish. Started dating fall of 2017, moved in together March 2019, married and found out we were pregnant March 2020. Still going strong. Find someone who matches your crazy and don’t sweat the small stuff. This is my second and last marriage.

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