How did you restart your life somewhere new?

How did you restart your life somewhere new?

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  1. Was at rock bottom. Drinking all the time and only holding onto a job because i had been there for 4 years and the bosses knew i was going through some shit. My landlord decided to sell my house, and i was behind on rent, so he gave me 90 days notice to vacate. I thought i had lined up a new place to live, but it fell through with 2 weeks until i had to be out of my house. I was panicked, and called my mom when I realized i was 2 weeks from being homeless. She told me to call my uncle and ask him if i could stay for a month to buy myself some time. I did so, and he said yes immediately. A couple days later my mom called me and offered to fly me out to where she lived (about 2500 miles away) and let me stay with her for as long as I could maintain one condition. No drinking. I used my month with my uncle to wean off the booze (i was in the danger zone for cold turkey), and was ready to go dry when I got on the plane. It hasn’t been easy, but i would say ive recovered thanks to that move. I understand why I spun out of control like i did, and I know how to avoid those causes in the future.

  2. Lost my job due to politics, lost my fiance to another man, and my home (fiance was cheating and decided to tell me in the same conversation I told her I was fired from my job), with many of my friends proving themselves to not actually “be there” for me when I needed them. Had a mental breakdown, went to a psych ward for suicidal thoughts, suffered a self-defeating mentality for two years along with paranoia and hypervigilant disorder.

    One day, I witnessed my biological father get physically assaulted by someone he trusted, and it opened my eyes to the abuse that my family had been suffering in my absence: my father being taken advantage of, my mother living in fear of my stepfather dying, and my brother’s substance abuse. I realized that while I had been suffering, I was also not the only one suffering, and that if any of us were going to make it out of Hell lives, that I was going to have to be the one that got us there. I recognized I had been my own villain for years, and decided to not be that person anymore.

    I moved in with my father and helped him distance himself from hostile people, helped my mom see that she has friends & family that can support her and love her, and introduced my brother to a therapist and a love of cats which helped his depression and substance abuse.

    I myself started exercising and lost 60 pounds of body fat, took up reading and puzzle assembling as hobbies to keep my mind active, ditched alcohol, and have been trying my hardest to get my career going.

    I never returned to the city my ex and I lived in. I never intend to. I am a different person, and from what I know, she is not.

  3. Moved to Maui from Washington for about a year and a half, did some residential remodeling work for a while, then did some prep-work at a restaurant until I moved back to Washington.

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