How did you spend your 20’s?

How did you spend your 20’s?

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  1. I made a good amount of money and jumpstarted my career — I’m 30 with nearly 10 years of good work history and seniority at a single company. They treat me pretty well, and I go to work every day not hating life.

    On the other hand, I don’t feel like I did enough. I partied for a few years here and there, but quit drinking in 2014. I broke up with my dead-bedroom, allergic-to-intimacy, starfish of a girlfriend of seven years in 2019 after trying for years to work on us. That felt like hitting the reset button, but it was necessary for my own happiness and probably hers. We had a dog, and I was more heartbroken about leaving the dog to her. That was a hard hurt, definitely harder than losing most actual human family members.

    I probably should have refused sweets more often in those years. I should have bought a better mattress sooner. I’m glad I stayed in relatively good shape despite those two things. I got my black belt in karate, and I’m getting married next year. Things do get better, no matter how dark they might be now.

  2. I spent my 20s living out my emotional problems and family dysfunction, disguising my desperate coping mechanisms as “adventurous carefree lifestyle”, travelling to the four corners of the earth and moving from one passionate short term relationship to the next. Now in my 30s and confronting those issues in an effort to settle down. I kind of wish I wasn’t a decade behind in my career, but hey that’s life and things could be a lot worse for me. Actually I went through some periods of mania in my 20s that I’m very lucky to have survived.

  3. In my bedroom. Wouldn’t have had it any other way either. I’ve literally spent more of my life in my room than outside. Crazy to think about but makes sense.

  4. I’ve spent most of it upset in my own company and drifting almost purposelessly through life. Things are better now, and I’ve found something to look forward to every day. I still wish I felt like reading books more again, though

  5. Had some kids, their mom left me, almost offed myself to get away from debt, got into the best shape of my life, had to jumpstart and succeed in a new career just to afford living outside my child support obligations, bought a house…

    My 20’s were a miserable, angry time for me, but they put me further ahead in life that I’d ever hoped to be. Let’s hope my 30’s pan out, cuz COVID furloughs left my ass fat af.

  6. I spent the first two years finishing college. Then I fucked around for the rest of them. I worked in Alaska as a dishwasher, in a fish camp and water taxi and in a cannery (worst job I ever had). The later part of my 20s I worked as canoe guide and naturalist on the SC coast. I didn’t make much money or set a good foundation for a career, but I learned a lot and had some amazing life experiences. I think that time in my life left me very open to other people’s views and cultures. Those years also opened me up to traveling on the cheap, something I still really enjoy.

    I don’t regret making those choices even though I’m in my 50’s and feel financially behind a lot of my peers. I’ve got stories I don’t ever tell because people just can’t relate and it feels alienating.

  7. Immigrated to the USA at age 22 and got married a month later, kids arrived at 24, 27 and 29. Found time in the middle to get my career going. My 20s were a bit of a blur to be honest 🙂

  8. Working endlessly 80 hour weeks to become a millionaire with no life at all. Now I am 30, I don’t know what to do lol. I’ve spent so long not having a life I don’t know how to get one. I’m in the position many people dream of and have no idea what to do with it.

  9. Went to school to be an engineer, finishing my masters now at 29. I am behind the curve, younger people will make more money and have more things than me. I made a horrible mistake going to college I shoulda just been an HVAC or welder and made good money that way. I have worked ONE job in my field that lasted 2 years after I got my bachelors. Now I have very little work experience and a mountain of debt. Im prob gonna start at the bottom with my nice, shiny Piece of pap….masters degree. I am not excited about the rest of my life. I did what I was told I was supposed to do and got pushed from middle-class to poverty.

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