How do we protect our sons from becoming incels?

How do we protect our sons from becoming incels?

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  1. teach them that girls do not owe guys sex.

    teach them that girls are not goddesses. do not put them high on a pedestal.

    teach them not to compare themselves with other guys.

    teach them that if they want to compete with other guys they need to work for it.

  2. I won’t name names but when I see and listen to some of the famous incels (not just the mass killer ones) they are average or above appearance, they are average or above intelligence, but their personality is dirt. Stuck in their heads. Creepy as all.

    I think raising our sons to have a broad personality with many interests and hobbies would go along way to stop incels.

  3. Teach him chad behaviour like martial arts and doing homework and seeing friends. Not loser incel stroking, energy drinks and online gaming. You can get a girlfriend if you leave your room, dress okay and learn to cook some decent food and be decent. And delete this Elliot Roger as supreme gentlemen, he died a wimp and massive pussy.

  4. Like we did up until the late ’90s, make it clear that “being physically, morally and socially repugnant” or “getting a girlfriend” **is, to a first approximation, a mutually exclusive binary choice.**

  5. I’m convinced that there is a fundamentalist christian to incel pipeline. I guess don’t raise your children as fundamentalist christians would help in some cases.

  6. I believe my brother is moving in that direction. He acts very defensively, believes that everyone is against him, and talks to my mother in ways that I would never even have thought were conceivable for someone with even the most basic level of decency.

    His parents are hoping he changes. We’ve been lenient with him because he’s the only male and the second-to-last child out of 4. I’m unsure of the difference between teenage stress and more serious issues, though.

  7. Stop teaching them to be “nice guys” but still respect women and no means no.

    Stop telling your sons not to be like their fathers

    Don’t be afraid to be a masculine man, that’s what you’re supposed to be

    Limit time on the computers and tablets and video games and have them spend more time OUTSIDE

    Get them involved in social things. Youth groups, camp, sports, volunteering etc. just don’t isolate them or let them isolate themselves

    Read books like Iron John, No More Mr. Nice Guy and other books that promote masculinity and reject the bs feminist extremist ideology about men today that they should be less masculine or submissive

    Go ahead and downvote me you cucks I don’t give a fuck

  8. Your title is a little bit deceptive. I think it is greatly understated to call incel hateful.

    If this report is accurate, the state will soon view the child as a criminal.

  9. I think at a young age the child has to be exposed to a lot of different kind of people so the child would think of them as equal and the child will know how to act when you have them socialize with other (ofcourse with your supervision)

  10. I dont think most people on the internet knows ehat incel means tho. Because how can you connect that i think women owe me sex just because i said i dont like she hulk

  11. Watch what you say and do. Watch what they say and do. Watch what their friends say and do.

    If you don’t stop a small thing then it will spread into a big thing. The moment you hear “but she’s a woman and..” immediately gather them and find out where they are getting that info. Whether online, school, friends, etc. if you don’t as a parent have the ability to recognize it then you probably have a problem yourself.

  12. Tell them to get some bitches. /s

    I actually have no idea. There are so many things that factor into a child becoming an incel e.g school, friends etc that I don’t know how a parent can have control over all that.

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