how do yall politely tell a visitor it’s time to go?

how do yall politely tell a visitor it’s time to go?

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  1. I have this one friend who very directly tells us “ok, I’m getting really tired, let’s wrap it up” and as her frequent guest I can’t tell you how much it’s appreciated. It basically means you don’t have to worry as a guest if you’re overstepping or end up leaving earlier than either of you want because you’re trying to be polite, you can just relax and know she’ll tell you when to go.

    Also, it means you don’t have to worry about politely leaving if you’re tired or want to go a bit early.

    So imo being direct is a very good precedent to set as a host.

  2. The famous midwest ‘welp’

    Make a big ‘welp’ and slap your thighs

    Always works and isn’t aggressive. You can make good conversation while folks leave too

  3. “Oh wow, it sure has gotten late”. “It’s been a great time, but I have (insert commitment here) soon (or tomorrow if it’s evening)”. “It’s so great you could come, we should do this more often”

  4. Look at the time and go omg is it that time already the proceed to arranging a time to see each other again in the future (not too far away but far enough so you can cancel) and by this point you should be stood up and walking them to the door… if that doesn’t work tell them you have stuff to do… if that doesn’t work smile and say get outtt 😂😅

  5. I stand up, and walk to the kitchen maybe start closing the curtains. If continued ignorance I’d say “well look at the time. .” and state something I have to do

  6. If it’s in the evening, it night, start getting ready for bed. Or announce that you’re going to get ready for bed.

    If they don’t get the hint, fully commit. Take a shower, put on your PJs and sleepy cap then come back out with a toothbrush in your mouth and a face mask on.

    If they don’t get the hint, go to bed and tell them to lock the door on the way out.

    Next step if this continues is to grab a knife and-

  7. “so what are you doing today/tonight?” immediately tells them the host wasnt planning on spending more time with them and theyre too embarassed to say “i thought i was spending it with you” so theyre forced to make up other plans

  8. “I’m getting a bit tired but this was fun. Thanks for a great night.”

    If they don’t catch the drift, just say you’re a werewolf and there’s a full moon tonight, so for their own safety they should probably head out

  9. Apparently in England it’s done by offering another cup of tea.

    While this isnt hand knowledge, I know of friends that said this is the way it’s done and that it’s very commonly understood over there.

    Someone from UK confirm?

  10. “ hey I’m getting really tired I should get some sleep before work Tomorrow”
    “Hey I’m getting really tired I should get some sleep”
    If it’s not late just say something like “uh sorry bro I totally forgot but I have to go do something in a bit” think of excuses that work for you if they ask what or you want to be more specific

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