How do you ask a partner for you two to get tested for STD’s without it being awkward?

How do you ask a partner for you two to get tested for STD’s without it being awkward?

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  1. Straightforwardly. If you make it awkward by beating around the bush or otherwise demonstrating that you believe it’s a topic that should be inherently awkward, the other person will take your lead and it’ll be awkward. If you approach it the same way you’d ask another person about anything else that’s important to talk about (kids, monogamy, etc), and they make it awkward you should reconsider whether the other person is mature enough to be having sex with. Someone who thinks having the STD talk is awkward is likely also awkward about getting tested or talking about using protection and that’s concerning.

  2. “We both have been with other people. While I trust you…someone could have lied to either of us in the past. I’d like for us both to get tested to be 100% sure we are keeping each other safe.”

  3. Surely some insane erotic medical service exists for this purpose. People sell all kinds of nutty ass services.

    Some major city is bound to have some XXXClinic where Dr. Hooker takes both of your pants off while you both kiss each other or such and “steals a sample-ooooh!” (piss on my titties, it’s holding a cup)

    Probably even cheaper than standard health care in America and just as good. Certainly better to experience.

    Check your local internets yellow pages, it’ll be under modern.

  4. It’s only awkward if you’re obviously ashamed/awkward about asking.

    Just be assertive and gentle with them. “I like to go get tested with my partner on a regular basis/whenever I have a new partner/whatever because it gives me peace of mind”.

  5. It’s awkward, but the right thing to do.

    Even if they dont initially react well to it it is still the right thing to do.

    I am sorry that you are in that situation.

  6. I simply asked and said I wanted to be sure and that’s it. I also got tested to show it wasn’t a one sided thing. Honestly, imho, if the other person doesn’t want to get tested for whatever reason, I tell them that I won’t feel comfortable going forward in the relationship.

    My boyfriend and I both got tested before we did the do, even though we both hadn’t done the do for a long while.

  7. Do it as a couple, you’re being responsible people. It’s awkward for anyone who’s new to the game. For pro-tip points, you get used to making your partner comfortable.

  8. Assuming you have had a few partners recently, or are just entering a relationship after dating it would be perfectly reasonable to say something like “hey before we gey more serious I’m getting myself checked for STDs. I’m pretty sure I’m clean, but it never hurts to be safe and check! How do you feel about getting tested with me?”

    Assuming it’s a long standing relationship, you just have to be honest with them. Pro tip: don’t try to make up an excuse (my family is all getting tested so I’m doing it too, my job is recommending it, etc.) – if you do this and get caught in the lie that will be far more damaging to the relationship than being up front about it in the first place

  9. Get one done yourself and the upper hand is yours. Then, in order to bring it up, YOU offer up that you have been tested and you’re safe and if your partner wants to see the results, they can.

    Now if your partner has nothing to offer in return 1) they’ll suddenly feel the need to match your wisdom. and 2) they’ll realize that it is a priority for you and if you decline as a result of their not being tested, they are more likely to be understanding. 3) Hopefully, they’ll learn for next time that they should know in advance.

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