How do you cope with being lonely?

How do you cope with being lonely?

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  1. I find things I’m interested in and fill my time with that. I meditate and remind myself that it’s better to be alone by myself enjoying my time than to be with those who may have bad intentions for me or those I don’t necessarily want to be around. I think it’s about finding comfort in yourself where that loneliness just dissipates

  2. I started taking a cooking class after work. Met some cool people there. Only problem is it’s expensive. Try a hobby where you can interact with other people. Even if it’s for an hour or two, it’s better than nothing.

  3. Free online courses. They are piling up and am pretty proud of myself!

    Also a runner so fitness and i challenged myself to do 500 crunches a day, every day. (F61) best shape of my life!

    Also connecting with many new friends on Lots of hiking and going out for coffee with a new group of gals weekly.


  4. Join a community that shares similar traits as yourself, I joined a dope crypto community and also twitch helps me personally! Just find a streamer you enjoy, I recommend Summit1G 🤜🤛

  5. I’ve been lonely before. You find yourself in these moments, time slows down, and you rediscover old hobbies and discover new ones. Hit the gym. Put yourself in learning mode. Understand loneliness is usually temporary, but can become more permanent if you dwell on it too much. You want to avoid becoming co-dependent on your own loneliness and depression because then it seems to never go away and you start to sabotage yourself.

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