How do you cope with the fear of getting older?

How do you cope with the fear of getting older?

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  1. Age gracefully, and accept wrinkles as they come. I’ve heard your 30s are a lot better then your 20s. And your 40s can be bette then your 30s. I believe we live many lives & its just a change

  2. I realized recently that no one will remember my name in a 100 years and we are all a bunch of monkeys with anxiety flying through space on a rock. Nothing I do truly matters. Upon coming to this conclusion, I now know I have no expectations of myself, I’m not “running out of time”, and I should just enjoy myself and my loved ones with what time I do have. It’s quite a peaceful state, I must admit.

  3. I remember there’s no point to worry so much about things I can’t control. What I can control is how easy or hard my life will be when I *do* get older

  4. It doesn’t terrify me because it’s part of life. Why be scared anyways? Do you want to live on this planet forever? Death is a blessing because it would be awful to live forever. I’m not saying it would be a blessing to get shot in the head and die. I’m just thankful we have limited lifespan.

  5. I cope knowing that the universe will give me what I need whenever I need it as long as I find a way to give back. There is so much time ahead of me, and all I want is to not be sad or angry when I’m older because no one deserves that.

  6. If I ever figure it out, I’ll let you know. I’m at that point where I look back and realize I’ve done nothing with my life, and it’s halfway over.

  7. You will have accumulated so much more life experience,so much more wisdom to know how to go through life better.A lot of things you though were super important became much more less important and what really matters in life becames to be more clear each day.

  8. I’ve talked about this with a lot of friends, and the general consensus is, **live in the moment.**

    As someone who doesn’t believe in an afterlife ,[knows that aging is just our DNA and cells reproducing less and less perfectly](, and that human bodies stop growing and start aging for most people in their late twenties to mid thirties, it paints a pretty rough picture.

    Life is 1/3rd an escalator of growth and 2/3rds a shallow ramp of decline. Because human life expectancies are increasing, you’re going to be aging MUCH more than you grow.

    So this means, “how do you not give yourself a hard time about who you were, or the best you ever had it with your body?”

    I think this is a different journey for everyone, **but the key is to find ways to be grateful and find moments of joy in today.** Like right now. You of course want to keep advocating for your future self, and reflect on your past self, but ultimately you need to find ways to be present in your now.

  9. I believe life is what you make of it. I hear people my age, 32, complaining about this and that hurts, how they feel terrible, etc. I feel the best I’ve ever felt, and I’m in much better shape than I was in my 20s.

    I don’t fear getting older. I believe in self-preservation and self-care; I watch what I eat, exercise regularly, don’t allow myself to get stressed and still attempt to learn and explore as much as I can.

    Of course, 32 is still very young; but the things I hear from people my own age. It makes me wonder…

  10. I have a friend who is in his early 30s and he’s fighting cancer (stage4). All he wants in life is to grow old and gray and wrinkled with his loving wife, and to watch his children grow. He would give anything to become a senior citizen, and sadly, that’s unlikely to happen for him. If you think about it, getting old really is a privilege that so many people don’t get.

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