How do you deal with loneliness?

How do you deal with loneliness?

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  1. I trick myself into thinking that loneliness doesn’t bother me. It’s a ‘fake it till you make it’ type of deal. Loneliness sucks so I understand wanting to find ways to deal with it.

    It’s best to seek out the positive aspects of it! Loneliness should not always be equivalent to troublesome. Try finding ways to have fun with it!

    For me, I love watching shows & movies or doing various different hobbies / trying new things!

    I’m rooting for ya dude! I hope it gets better for you.

  2. Well first you need to identify and understand why you’re lonely to begin with. So if it’s not due to your own psychological state, or nonexistent social skills, then you need to find something to occupy your time

  3. Once you learn how embrace the silence and the freedom of loneliness, the crowd will start to bother you. But you’ll still eventually miss having bonds from time to time. 7/10 loneliness has its own perks.

  4. Youtube reaction channels and let’s plays. It is so fun watching an episode of a show and then going to my favorite reaction channel to watch their reaction to it. I recommend Blindwave.


    Also if you want actual human interaction, just play an MMO and join an active guild.

  5. Hey we’ve all been there, buddy. The first thing you gotta do is accept it that you’re feeling lonely, first step is always to accept how things are and try making smaller adjustments in life to help you connect with people more and reduce you feeling this way. Look out for community events, neighbourhood activities etc and get to know people around you.

    And besides, being lonely isn’t really bad! I personally used to hate myself for feeling lonely, but I slowly realised it can also be fun! Similar to how u/MajorCombination9002 posted, being lonely isn’t always supposed to be weary! Try learning a new skill! Getting back to an old hobby! Or just bing watching your favourite show and treat yourself with something you love!

  6. I embrace it. It is a very rare moment when I do not feel alone or apart from other around me, even my own family. It’s a wonderful time to have conversations with yourself, or to learn a skill, or to simply pursue exactly what you want.

    It’s a funny thing: once you’re comfortable with always being alone, you’ll stumble into someone that doesn’t make you feel alone anymore.

  7. Step 1 get an ouija board

    Step 2 talk to a ghost

    Step 3 become friends

    Step 4 get your ghost friend to get his ghost friends to come to your house (optional)

    Step 5 enjoy your friends

  8. You know, there are so many things you can do until you still find yourself lonely again. Talking or spending time with others is the only way to deal with loneliness.

  9. Meditation.

    I know I might seem a little hippy-dippy or weird or whatever, but just recognizing the feeling and where it’s coming from makes it a much more neutral experience.

  10. First of all stop thinking that being lonely is something bad. It isn’t. You can be lonely and do whatever you want , but most games where you need two or more players.

  11. video games, shows, reading; something to distract yourself.

    it helps when your interest is piqued by something you find entertaining. its rough, i know, but there is a very distinct difference between loneliness and solitude and in my experience that difference is your state of mind. in that respect i would also recommend meditation/mindfulness practices.

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