How do you deal with not being beautiful?

How do you deal with not being beautiful?

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  1. I really hate the way I look. These days I’ve been trying to remind myself that being healthy is what’s important. For now, I’m trying to focus on losing weight and trying to do something with my life. It’s not easy at all. I also tell myself that beauty standards change all the time and the type of beauty people look up to today will change in ten or twenty years. So chasing after what the world finds beautiful seems like a waste of time to me. To me, I believe there are different types of beauty. Or maybe I just tell myself all of this to help me feel better.

  2. I don’t. I am exceptionally unpleasant looking and I know it. I don’t deal with it. I ignore it to the best of my ability. Avoid acknowledgment of it as best I can. I don’t date, don’t socialize much. Just keep to myself and go to work so I can afford necessities for my child. Also, I avoid the mirror best I can too!

  3. Well, I tell myself that pretty women probably have to deal with slightly more BS from men than I do, but ideally neither of us would be getting catcalled or harassed.

  4. I try to be empathetic and humorous.

    I’m a pretty low-to-average looking guy (maybe a 4 if I’m honest) but I’ve had a pretty decent return with the opposite sex because I’ve been able to make them laugh, which has gone a long way to bridging the lack of looks.

    I do often say that if I’d had better hair (rather than a horrible frizzy mess that can’t be styled in any way) I’d have done so much more with my life though!

  5. It’s alright. The problem with beauty is that it nearly always fades with age. And it’s often a hard awakening for former beautiful people, when they realize that they are just not treated favourably anymore by society after it faded. And they are treated favourably and they often rely on that. For us average looking people this shock never comes because we always lived in that reality.

  6. At least be interesting! I always tried develop talents to impress yourself at the very least. If you can create your own self esteem and genuine confidence, it’s attractive!

  7. There’s so many definitions of beautiful.

    1. There’s a pretty face with no class who spits on the streets with full make up on.

    2. There’s a soft-spoken, articulate, you-can-never-beat-drinking-buddy, smart, kind and smells like flowers and aftershave.

    3. There’s a confident person who doesn’t have it all but you know in your gut they will make it out there. Won’t amaze you physically, but that’s easy to achieve with confidence.

    … It depends on where you’re looking, really. And if you’re struggling to see which part of you is beautiful, stop looking at tiktok and feed your brain and social interactions instead.

  8. As a young man, i feel very sad sometimes with the way I look.

    But eventually I’ve realised that to live a luxurious life i need not be attractive. I just need money.

    How rich i am is a thing I can control, and i plan to work on it.

  9. Tbh im pretty sure everyone can look cool and beautiful with the right fashion sense and hairstyle that would accentuate their best features. So I guess find a good stylist?

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